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saccharin in toothpaste

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ruty Fri 19-Aug-05 23:17:51

i can't find a children's toothpaste that contains fluoride but not saccharin. As it is impossible to get my 11 month old to have his teeth brushed without swallowing the toothpaste, should i use a health shop one [i.e. fluoride and saccharin free?] I thought saccharin was carcinogenic, so why do they put it in children's toothpaste ?

ruty Sat 20-Aug-05 15:44:12


fqueenzebra Sat 20-Aug-05 15:50:13

The evidence about saccharine isn't consistent... I think one study thought it was carcinogenic, but most subsequent research failed to confirm that. That's why it's still legal.

A lot of the Americans reckon it's better to just clean their teeth with a soft cloth until closer to 2, if that's an idea.

I thought that most kid's toothpaste (eg. MacLean's milk teeth, which we have) was sweetned with sorbitol which isn't the same as saccharin, is it?

fqueenzebra Sat 20-Aug-05 16:07:46

Had a quick look... seems like there was a ~1970 study which found saccharin causing bladder cancer in rats.

This study has been criticised on all sorts of technical grounds (see review in J. of Nat. Cancer Institute). . The evidence of sacharin being carcinogenic in humans is a lot weaker (harder thing to prove, of course).

Sorbitol is different from saccahrin, see this page describing different types of fake sugars .

frannyf Sat 20-Aug-05 17:51:12

I have read that until they can brush without swallowing the paste, they should have fluoride-free. We use Weleda.

Jimjams Sat 20-Aug-05 18:19:19

ruty ds1 reacts appallingly to sorbitol so you may need to watch that. He seeks it out as well, I find him sitting in the bath munching through a tube! I either use the strawberry stuff in health food shops- Toms of Maine), or more commonly the stuff I sell (excuse the plug ) That's naturally sweetened with xylitol (other toothpastes are as well) which is good as it helps prevent ear infections. Doesn't have fluoride though- the strawberry stuff does which is why I kind of switch between the 2 (I want some fluoride but not too much).

ruty Sat 20-Aug-05 19:29:09

that's interesting jimjams, thanks. FQZ, all the fluoride kids toothpaste i've seen in the shops has saccharin, not sorbitol - thanks for info on studies tho. franny f i have up to now been mostly rubbing with a cloth, because he swallows toothpaste then retches! what is the stuff you sell jimjams?

Jimjams Sat 20-Aug-05 19:31:34

email me ruty- I've paid for an ad but only as a business opportunity not for sales (will prob do that when it expands later this year), so don't want to get knuckles rapped advertising.

ruty Sat 20-Aug-05 19:39:30

will do!

Hausfrau Sat 20-Aug-05 20:46:19

Message withdrawn at poster's request.

Jimjams Sat 20-Aug-05 22:16:12

You could use mine

Sorbitol gets in everything doesn't it? Really unlikely places as well (like gluten free pizza bases- grrr)

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