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Eating chips in toddler-hood may increase risk of breast-cancer?

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PrettyCandles Fri 19-Aug-05 15:02:01

I've heard bits about this on the news over the last couple of days, but never caught a full article. I can't find anything on the BBC website. TBH I'm surprised not to find it being discussed here! Does anyone know anything about this, or can point me to a url where I can get more info?

robinia Fri 19-Aug-05 15:27:02

It was in the Telegraph this morning so maybe somewhere on their website. Related to the frying process which has already been linked to carcinogens. And the effect is cumulative (ie. if children have chips 5 days a week they're more susceptible than those that have chips 2 days a week.

Feffi Fri 19-Aug-05 16:10:40

Message withdrawn at poster's request.

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