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Anyone suffer from (acne) Rosacea??

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Manfwood Mon 21-Jul-03 10:29:05

Just wondered if there was anyone else out there suffering from this persistent and embarrassing skin condition. i have had it on and off for about 6 years now and having a particularly bad flare up on one side of my face at the moment. I am tempted to phone the drs but i know they will only prescribe anti-biotics which i dont like taking as they are not very good for you and i'm not very good at taking them.

I have heard that a lot of skin problems are to do with not being able to absorb food properly through the gut so anti-biotics would not help that. I am trying to take some Enzyme Digest tablets but have to remember to take them with every meal. I definitely feel that the cause is something internal and i could cut lots of things out of my diet, stay out of the sun (i do try and cover up), stop drinking alcohol, caffeine etc but then i could also have a life!!

Anyway - the point of all this ranting is to see if anyone else out there is a sufferer and if you have tried anything that worked.

Thanks a lot

aloha Mon 21-Jul-03 10:57:22

Hi there, yes, I get Rosacea on and off, and when I have a flare up I use a topical antibiotic solution called Zynerit. It comes in the form of a liquid in an applicator and you apply it twice to the affected area twice a day when the Rosacea is active. Once the redness goes, I usually get months of clear skin in between, then go back for more once I start getting little red scaly patches round my nose. Because it is a topical antibiotic Zynerit has none of the contraindications of antibiotics (totally safe in pregnancy too) it doesn't reach the gut and is very easy to use, For me, works absolutely brilliantly and very quickly - it clears within a few days if caught reasonably early. YOu need a prescription for it and I wouldn't hestitate to ask your dr to prescribe it for you. That's what I did when I changed drs due to moving. My new GP hadn't heard of it but was happy to prescribe. I STRONGLY recommend it for Rosacea. In fact, you've reminded me to make a dr's appt to get some more! I don't bother with cutting stuff out. Life's too short!

aloha Mon 21-Jul-03 10:58:35

It is called Zynerit because it also contains zinc. Please do call your dr, you don't have to take antibiotics at all.

Manfwood Mon 21-Jul-03 11:22:54

Thanks for this message Aloha - i will give her a call now (might look it up first!)as i know Zinc is meant to be really good for the skin. Will also continue taking the enzymes to see - presume you havent tried any other 'alternative' remedies?? The other thing is that you hear about people with rosacea 'flushing' say after they have had a drink/curry etc but i have never really noticed this side of things. Think mine is more hormonal as was definitely much improved when i was pregnant.

Thanks for your help

Manfwood Mon 21-Jul-03 11:44:45

By the way just looked this medicine up (spelt Zyneryt) on a medical website see here and it is a medicine for normal acne and not rosacea which is interesting....

aloha Mon 21-Jul-03 13:13:08

Sorry for the misspelling - I haven't used it for months you see! Like you I have never seen any link between drinking or spicy foods or anything - and why worry about depriving yourself if you don't have to? I can only speak for myself but Zyneryt has always worked perfectly for me and I wouldn't use anything else. The only 'alternative' thing I've tried is different skincare (Dr Haushka) but that made no difference at all. I'm now booked in to see my gp for more. It's got to be worth a try

aloha Mon 21-Jul-03 13:28:18

Don't be worried about the fact that it is for acne - Rosacea counts as acne. Zineryt is widely prescribed for Rosacea and I think most people find it effective. the only side effect is it can make your skin a bit dry and sore. If that happens just use it once a day not twice, and for a bit longer. Intense Pulsed Light Treatment also works (like a laser but not a laser - lots of beauty salons do it) and it great for clearing large areas of redness very quickly, but it's a hell of a lot more expensive.

Slinky Mon 21-Jul-03 14:15:56

I have suffered from Rosacea for the last 9 years. Alcohol, spicy food and strong sunlight all make it worse.

I was prescribed Metrogel by the dermatologist when I was first diagnosed but had to stop using it when I was pregnant and breastfeeding (have 3 children). I haven't gone back onto it as I didn't want to keep using antibiotic stuff.

I had read that Aloe Vera and Vitamin E can make a difference, so I bought some Virgin Vie "Stay Calm" moisturiser which has both these in and I have to stay it has made a huge difference to me.

I can't use any sunscreen other than No 7 Factor 15 face sunscreen - any of the others makes it worse.

Mine is definately hormonal as I can have a week or two with fairly good skin (just a bit red, not spotty), then the week before my period I will have a flare-up.

Manfwood Mon 21-Jul-03 14:54:35

Slinky - i'm impressed you got to see a dermatologist although sounds like they offered you the same thing as the Dr! I havent got round to ringing yet - i know i'm being rubbish so really should get on with it!

There is another good website here which is run by an acne/rosacea sufferer. They sell Aloe Vera products and i have got some of their gel but it isnt touching this at the moment - maybe it is passed it's sell by date as i've had it a few years.

aloha Mon 21-Jul-03 15:01:50

Zineryt is safe in pregnancy and feeding. It doesn't get into your system like oral antibiotics and you don't have to use it constantly anyway - just when you get an outbreak. It is, IMO, more effective than anything else. I've tried creams etc Dr Haushka organic stuff smells fab and is v expensive but didn't touch the rosacea. Lots of people say I have lovely skin so it works for me. Not showing off - I also have a big fat bum!

aloha Mon 21-Jul-03 15:03:56

Personally I don't trust internet sites which are also selling something!

Manfwood Mon 21-Jul-03 15:10:09

BTW i've just phoned my Dr and hopefully she will be calling me back tomorrow before going on hols for 2 weeks (typical!). That website although it does sell stuff (not that expensive though) also offers some useful stuff and emails from other sufferers - it's not very professional though but is from someone who actually suffers. Will definitely mention the Zyneryt though and let you know what happens!


Slinky Mon 21-Jul-03 15:38:07


The reason I got referred was because according to my GP, I had quite a severe case.

I was sent to the hospital, saw a Consultant with various students present - he took a small biopsy and I had numerous photographs taken which were kept to be used for students.

Manfwood Mon 21-Jul-03 15:43:05

So what are you on now?? There are so many things i could buy - including Aloe Vera stuff, zinc tablets, vitamin C and grape seed extract and all sorts of stuff to do with repairing the stomach lining. Am trying to take some digestive enzymes as there does seem to be quite a lot about rosacea sufferers not being able to absorb various fats etc but even though i had the bottle on my desk while eating my lunch i still forgot to take it!

hopefully i will be able to get some Zyneryt from the Drs.

Thanks for all your help and advice - it is good to know there are others out there!

Slinky Mon 21-Jul-03 15:45:45

Since having the children, it has improved.

I currently use moisturiser with Aloe Vera and Vitamin E at night and during winter, but in summer I use No 7 Factor 15 face sunscreen.

I also take Vitamin supplements with Probiotics.

oliveoil Mon 21-Jul-03 15:49:23

Ages ago, I ordered some free samples of stuff but can't remember the name of the site. Sorry, not helpful in the slightest. I do remember you had to do lots of face rinsing in water, like 20 times or something, will have a look if I still have the info at home.

aloha Mon 21-Jul-03 16:00:49

It sounds like the Scher system. does that ring a bell?

Mummysurfer Mon 21-Jul-03 16:12:22

I too was referred to a dermatologist. He did prescribe antibiotics which I did take for 6 months - but only a mild one. The rosacea cleared and has never returned.

lisaj Tue 22-Jul-03 08:03:16

I used to suffer quite badly with it when I was a teenager, but fortunately like Slinky says mine seemed to really improve after having children. I do still get occasional flare-ups and also use a bit of panstick every morning to cover up the redness, which I have found to be brilliant. I also use Vaseline Dermacare mosturiser which I find good.

oliveoil Tue 22-Jul-03 09:26:00

aloha - could have been, does the women doctor look like Imelda Marcos, kind of?

Couldn't find any info at home, sorry

aloha Tue 22-Jul-03 10:02:31

Tee hee, oliveoil, yes, she does. Not much of a recommendation when you put it like that, is it? Mind you she is about 108.

Manfwood Tue 22-Jul-03 10:49:03

Had my two minute telcon with the Dr and she is happy to give me some Zyneryt which she had heard of - she did suggest the Metrogel but i said i wanted to try something different. Think she just wanted to get me of the phone! May also go back and use the Stay Calm stuff from Virgin which i have used before as it is quite good - just feels like spending a lot of money when you buy it all in one go! Thanks Aloha i'll let you know how i get on!

aloha Tue 22-Jul-03 10:57:55

Oh, yes, do let me know! BTW it can make your skin a bit dry at first, especially if you are as over-enthusiastic as me if so, cut down to one application a day and apply moisturiser. It does settle down again. Good luck!

willow2 Tue 22-Jul-03 22:31:06

There is a woman called Bharti Vyas who has had very good results treating this condition using a range of products she's designed herself. Don't have the number to hand but she is based in London.

joloon Thu 20-May-10 20:11:54

i have been prescribed zineryt but it has to be mixed and only lasts 5 weeks i havnt tried it yet

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