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Urban angels model agency?

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tina2783 Tue 06-Jul-10 12:02:02

My daughter got short listed for a casting for urban angels? we went up a couple of weeks ago and they seemed to really like her but you can never tell. They said i would hear on the 5th which was yesterday if she has or hasnt been successful. I am a little concerned as havnt heard anything at all. Is anyone else with urban angles could you tell me if anyone else has experienced this or maybe she hasnt got in?

many thanks

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OldLadyKnowsNothing Wed 07-Jul-10 03:13:11

Urban Angels appear to be legit, but have a read here...

Harimo Wed 07-Jul-10 04:04:24

Urban Angels are a decent agency.

They will be in touch, or alternatively, get in touch with them and ask.

How old is your DD?

Both of my kids model. DS enjoyed it when he was younger, but (he's 25 months now) is enjoying it less and less and I'm not planning to sign him up again. He's too shy to enjoy it, to be honest.

DD (currently 11 months) LOVES EVERY ASPECT of modeling. She's a total poser and loves being the centre of attention.

Do read the link Oldladyknowsnothing posted.

It's not half as glam as you might think... DD recently did a TV advert and it took AGES... it was on location outside, and I had to co-ordinate her feeds / sleeps around shooting.

Good luck though... Nothing quite like seeing your child in a magazine!! grin

tina2783 Wed 07-Jul-10 07:55:43

My daughter is 4 she loves the camera i think she did really well at the new face consultation, still no word from them i am a little concerned now i dont want to seem pushy by ringing up as i know they are so busy. I dont know maybe it means they have decided not to take her on will drop an email today.

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Harimo Wed 07-Jul-10 15:29:55

If you don't get taken on with Urban Angels...

try Elisabeth Shaw, Scallywags, Rascals or MOT.

I'd say they are the best ones going.

Kezza12 Thu 06-Jun-13 22:34:29

I've just been told my daughter has been shortlisted for this years south intake with Urban Angels and I've heard conflicting reports about their reputation. Does anyone have experience with them or know how many children they shortlist? I just don't want to waste my time if there are going to be 100's of children there and it's a money making scam but on the other hand I don't want to waste the opportunity if they are a genuine company! Help?!

user1492246759 Sat 15-Apr-17 10:07:38

I joined Angel Management/Angel Models.
We had to pay over £350 for theportfolioas we didn't have any.
Then you have a profile where ou can upload some photos.
Model Agencies will then contact you if they are interested.

Loverek21 Wed 19-Apr-17 17:40:19

Angel Management models- please be aware of them! I will go for a assestment photo shoot which is free although u will spend there all day and after the photo shoot they will ask u to wait for their "decision" if u are good enough. Then they will tell u that yes you are what they are looking for but you dont have a portfolio- and of course u must have one if u want to proceed with them - so you can buy it from them and it cost around £300... after all day spent there it will feel silly to say no thanks Im going home empty handed ao u will probably agree and pay as you will be excited thinking" they took me on yey!" . All u will get is access to their website where you can find few job offers and u can apply ( but its just few and hundreds ppl like you or your child) it is a scam. Pictures taken on the day are rubbish and you will never get job out of this profile... honestly dont bother with them!

smashyourglasses Wed 19-Apr-17 17:43:36

All a scam

Loverek21 Fri 21-Apr-17 08:31:55

I also found this which sounds jist like angels model or angel management

caropanta Sun 30-Apr-17 17:24:53

Loverek21 thank you so much for sharing this. It helped me to avoid them!

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