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On a plane

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tweenies Wed 17-Aug-05 11:36:05

Can anybody give useful tips taking a 22 month old to spain.

LittleMadamOfManchester Wed 17-Aug-05 11:43:17

take several things e.g. crayons and paper, storybooks etc but only take one thing out at a time then when he gets bored with one activity you can always pull out another to keep his intrest, and I'm sure airlines provide kid packs anyway with stuff to do. Take sandwiches and nibbles too incase he doesnt like the food onboard.

Yorkiegirl Wed 17-Aug-05 11:46:29

Message withdrawn

anchovies Wed 17-Aug-05 11:46:47

If you've got or can borrow a portable dvd player it kept our 18 months old ds occupied all the way to greece! Don't think under 2s get a meal unless they've got a seat. If not don't forget lots of food/snacks.

FairyMum Wed 17-Aug-05 11:48:22

I normally take paper and stickers and chocolate or other treat for sitting in their seat while landing.

NotQuiteCockney Wed 17-Aug-05 12:55:32

I always found wandering up and down the aisles making friends helped. Well, it might have made things harder for other travellers, but at that age, they really like to keep moving, don't they?

baglady Wed 17-Aug-05 23:08:25

I can relate to this one! We have just been booked onto a flight to Australia in two weeks time! I'm taking a backpack full of "surprises" but any other tips and suggestions for doing such a long haul flight with a three year old and a 14 month old would be very much appreciated!

Tommy Wed 17-Aug-05 23:12:20

my tip would be...... don't

but that's not very helpful is it?!
Good luck

milward Wed 17-Aug-05 23:28:16

Snacks that don't melt or mark your clothes such as bread sticks, crispbreads. Water to drink. Have paper & crayons. Things will get dropped that you can't pick up so everything should be disposable. Kitchen paper & wipes for mess or sick. Get the sick bag ready before take-off just in case. Have a nappy handy as well. Keep to your area as once let to walk around will do this all the time probably. Have a pushchair until get on plane so can have it as soon as possible when getting off. If sitting on your knee you wont be able to have a tea or meal on the plane if traveling with no other adult so have something ready for yourself to drink & eat. Good luck.

lucy5 Wed 17-Aug-05 23:30:57

Something to suck for take off and landing, lolly or bottle. I also used to use teething granules from boots, it distracts them and the chammomile helps if their ears pop.

HuggyBear Wed 17-Aug-05 23:33:52

im taking my 2 ds's on a plane november - they are 3 and 1

we're going to america. I think its a 10 hour flight!!!


milward Wed 17-Aug-05 23:36:39

Forgot to add to wear some comfy no bother clothes as having a toddler sitting & standing on your lap for along time can be uncomfortable and messy.

SueW Wed 17-Aug-05 23:39:55

Huggybear, I have my fingers crossed you are travelling with Virgin and get one of the best planes in Virgin's fleet where every seat in economy has TV/movies on demand. We've just had this on our return from LAX and it made life so much easier than a loop tape which plays when it's due rather than when it's suitable for the child. DD was able to watch what she wanted when she wanted. In theory she could watch over and over again if necessary.

Sadly I was told by staff that they can't guarantee which plane will travel on any given day

baglady Thu 18-Aug-05 22:24:22

Thanks for the tips, some really useful ones Milward.. and I hadn't even thought about sick yet....! Huggybear.. I'll be thinking of you! I'll let you know if I ever recover from my ordeal and if so, how I survived!

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