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SueW - are you there?

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Mae1 Mon 15-Aug-05 21:38:06

Further to your reply re Oasis Whinfell, we are due to stay at Meadow View - number 86 (this Friday) - was wondering if you had any comments on accomodation, did you try the Aqua Sana? Did you leave the Park at any time was it easy? We're there for a week and may fancy one day away in the Lakes if possible.

SueW Mon 15-Aug-05 22:53:10

Sorry - I've been out all day then out this evening to say goodbye to our relatives who fly back to Canada tomorrow Warning: This'll be looooong!

We stayed in Executive Four Bedroom Cumbrian Lodge (70 and 71 Meadow View). We were disappointed with the accommodation on arrival - it seemed a bit shabby, given the cost.

The dishwasher in 71 had a broken handle; the fridge hadn't cooled our beer after 24 hours - and the milk was starting to feel a bit warm. 70 had a massive stain on the carpet. There were stains on the walls and the skirting boards looked like someone had kicked them to bits. 70's shower had mould growing between the door and panel and 71's shower hose was disgusting. 71 had no fireguard for the open fire. Some of the pillow cases smelt as if they'd stayed damp too long.

But, CP responded magnificently. They replaced our fridge and dishwasher and the pillows and pillow cases. The carpet was cleaned and the walls were wiped down. The shower was stripped back and cleaned and sealant replaced. The shower hose was replaced and a fireguard supplied. Everything was completed within a couple of hours. So if you do have complaints, tell them nicely and I'm sure they'll help out.

The food on site was average. Our adult-only evening at Chez Pierre was a disaster. Only one waiter on, it seemed. We ate and got out, tbh. Our Indian takeaway wasn't ready within the 45 mins they promised but they gave us two bottles of wine as an apology for the extra hour or so we had to wait.

We had a good evening in the pub doing the quiz but there were 7 adults and we still only got 20/30! We also ate there a couple of times and the food was ok. Jacket potatoes seemed good everywhere.

The walk from Meadow View to the car park is a bit of a trek - takes about 10-15 mins and there's a hill which children might find difficult on a bike. But it's a great opportunity to spot nature - red squirrels (we saw two in a week), rabbits (all over the place), pheasant (inc one with a baby), tiny brown frogs, butterflies, etc.

We left the site on Friday evening after unloading to go to the supermarket - we could take the car back round to the lodge until 10pm iirc. We used Morrisons in Penrith - follow signs to Superstore. There's also a Somerfield which we didn't use and the butcher I mentioned before has good fresh burgers The Morrisons butcher was also very helpful, cutting meat to order for us.

We did 2-3 supermarket shops over the course of the week - usually on our way back from somewhere - but almost got caught out with buying too much and then having to get it back to the lodge with not enough hands for adults and children on bikes so unable to help.

We barbecued three times and cooked a casserole meal one evening. Breakfast was bacon sarnies/toast/eggs/bagels we made at 'home'. Lunch ISTR was mostly eaten out.

The supermarket on site is small. There's a bakery in there which was very popular on Sunday morning but didn't open til 10am iirc and closes at 8pm.

On Sunday we went to Pooley Bridge at the north end of Ullswater. Drive through PB and over the bridge and behind the Sun Inn a man will allow you into the field wheree you can park all day for £2. You might be lucky and get free parking in the village sq but prob not at the weekend. We took the boat to Howtown and a walk up the hill there. There's not much else in Howtown except the Outdoor Activity Centre where we took the kids (8yo+) later in the week for a days' fun and frolics on their own.

We drove down to Kendal and took a stroll around town whilst the children were on their activity day.

We spent a day in Carlisle - some looked round the castle there (the rest lingered on the grass outside trying to work out which biscuits the recently re-opened McVities factory was producing!) After that we drove up to Hadrian's Wall, specifically Birdoswald .

None of the women in our party tried the spa - we thought it was a bit pricey tbh.

The children absolutely LOVED the World of Water and enjoyed the people-dryer afterwards arguably as much.

Our two 8yos went pony trekking on the family trek - from 2yo. If you go, it's better not to walk from Meadow View but to continue straight along the top from the Village Centre if you're there and follow those signs as the stables are quite a trek beyond the Outdoor Activity Centre up a steep hill.

We played the mini golf, some of our party did kayaking on the lake.

Our lodge hired one adult bike and three children's (our youngest was 6yo). The bike hire centre has even the smallest bikes, and with stabilisers. Our neighbours hired four bikes for their teenagers.

Everyone we working in the shops and tourist attractions on and off CP met was friendly and helpful.

Almost forgot: we stopped in Brough on the A66 for lunch at a pub. They were really helpful and had a huge display of local tourist info leaflets. None of this is available in Center Parcs so it's worth picking up beforehand if you want to know more about what's on outside CP.

It was a great week. The company was fantastic and it was easy to amuse our children both on- and off-site; we were a biggish party with children aged 6yo-14yo. I certainly came back feeling I'd managed my minimum 10,000 steps every day

Hope you enjoy it! If you think of any questions or want to know more, I'll be around.

Mae1 Tue 16-Aug-05 12:11:26

many thanks - I'll bear all that in mind!!!!

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