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DH wants to use motormike for daily commute - WDYT??

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Starsky Mon 15-Aug-05 14:00:09

My DH has recently acquired a 125 motorbike, he wants to use this to go to work and get rid of our 2nd car (a Y reg Peugeot 106). He wants to try it out on the 125 and then if he likes it move up to a bigger bike.

The pros are that he will get a space at work, and running costs are a lot less than running a 2nd car. I have no issue with cost at all, and am happy for him to keep on using 2nd car. My only worry is safety. His drive to work is 20 mins on dual carriageway, then 15-20 mins city driving. I was wondering what your views are and if anyone has any first hand experience using a motorbike to commute. Thanks in advance of all of your replies...

colditz Mon 15-Aug-05 14:06:21

I have had a moterbike for 5 years, and only downgraded to a moped because my bike got stolen.

I have never found it any more dangerous than a car. I rode my moterbike until I was 7 months pregnant, and anticipate doing the same with this pregnancy.

However, I strongly suggest that he takes a motorcycle test, not just a cbt. I don't think a car licence is adequate to ride a motorbike, although it is legally.

gscrym Mon 15-Aug-05 14:15:04

A car license is adequate to drive a motorbike not greater than a 11bhp output as a learner only if full entitlement was gained prior to june 1990 (I think, hazy on the specifics), otherwise you must apply for your provisional and sit a CBT to be able to drive on l-plates. This entitlement only lasts 2 years and has a years break before you can re-apply. The 2 tests are direct access or restricted for 2 years (can't remember the restriction, I did direct access).
Colditz is right, he should take a test. It might work out cheaper for commuting but I know I dreaded the drive home if it was raining or windy.

lucy5 Mon 15-Aug-05 14:16:47

My dh has just started his daily commute as a passenger on a bike. It saves him loads of time, especially as he can just whizz through the boarder crossing in Gibraltar. I worry every single day.

robinia Mon 15-Aug-05 14:28:06

My dad motorbiked to work for over 20 years. Had one minor accident iirc. 1 hour journey approx in outer suburbs/ central London. I think a lot depends on how careful / alert to other road users your dh is. It is loads quicker than car so can understand why your dh is keen.

Starsky Mon 15-Aug-05 17:50:18

Thanks for your replies, will definately get him to take the test then. I would worry so much more about him on a bike than in the car, but I don't think his driving would change and he is quite a good driver. Friends we have spoken to seem to think it is just a mad idea as motorbikes are so dangerous. Nice to hear some positive answers for a change! Is it much more dangerous??

toothyboy Mon 15-Aug-05 17:57:59

What area are you in? My dp runs a motorcycle training school near Heathrow if that's any help!

Twiglett Mon 15-Aug-05 18:29:49

personally I'd say no

The amount of injuries caused to bikers by other people are phenomenal. A friend who works in A&E says that she's heard bikers called 'organ donors'

Although if he's going to do it, he needs the right clothes and helmet, a licence and quite a lot of experience before he tackles rush hour inner-city drivers IMO

(and yes I have a bike licence)

tallulah Mon 15-Aug-05 18:30:03

My mum, dad, brother, grandad & me all had bikes for many years, but there is no way that DS1 is having a bike!!! Bikes in themselves aren't dangerous, but it's the other idiots on the road. I have had so many near-misses in my car to and from work that I would be petrified to be back on a bike because you have no protection. I don't know if it's just here but most of the people on the road seem not to know how you use roundabouts or lanes and just drive around like they are the only person on the road.

cod Mon 15-Aug-05 18:30:24

Message withdrawn

Twiglett Mon 15-Aug-05 18:31:47

I also know someone who was knocked off his bike and went under a bus leaving his wife with a 2 year old and 9 weeks pregnant

which reminds me, get a will

cod Mon 15-Aug-05 18:32:30

Message withdrawn

Tiggiwinkle Mon 15-Aug-05 18:35:35

I dont think it would be worth the worry it would cause you. My dh used to ride many years ago-I made him give it up when we had our first DS.
As others have said, no matter how careful you are, it is the other road users who cause the dangers.They simply do not see you half the time-and the rest of the time they simply do not care.
Dont let him do it!

Starsky Mon 15-Aug-05 18:42:59

Colditz - I can't believe you drove a bike until you were 7mths pg!!!
We live in East Lothian, he would be driving in and out of Edinburgh, the road is a pretty good one. I know the stories about people dying are shocking but people die in cars as well don't they? I guess the point is that if he did have an accident he would get injured much more seroiusly on a bike than a car. But, the risk of crashing must be the same whichver way he drives. We definately need to talk some more about it..

Twiglett Mon 15-Aug-05 18:50:24

risk of accidents are 8 times higher if you ride than drive

according to this

colditz Mon 15-Aug-05 18:59:16

Starsky - I rode the bike until I couldn't cock my leg over it because my enormous bump was in the way.

Every one thought I was dreadful. I used to turn up to my antenatal appointments on it.

I think the accident levels are so much higher because of the temptation to ride like a knob.

Twiglett Mon 15-Aug-05 19:00:39

and visibility

glad you didn't get hurt when you were pregnant though

colditz Mon 15-Aug-05 19:04:26

I never travel in rush hour, fog, heavy rain and without a bright yellow builders jacket, and head light on. And Icy conditions.

I am well aware that it is slightly more dangerous, however, I would be more dangerous in a car because I can't drive.

And I love riding my moped. I want a bigger bike, but can't justify it, because I never travel out of a 30 mph speed limit anyway.

piffle Mon 15-Aug-05 19:16:28

My Dp has always had one
Forget the cheeaper bit
more frequent servicing, higher insurance, all the weather proof gear needs replacing (and boots) at least annually. Helmets need replacing every 18mth -2 yrs, yes the petrol is cheaper, but we find it is actually in real terms more expensivce than our 52 plate peugeot 307 by a long shot
Not to mentio how many bloody hours he spends at weekends cleaning the damned machine...
He does love it and I'd never dream of really upping the anti as my dad also commuted on a bike all his life.
DP took all the advanced driving tests and is about to take the course to become an instructor too...
The danger is as relative as how you drive really. A lot depends on knowing your limits, and leaving a big safety margin between you adn other traffic, some drivers DETEST you threading through stationary traffic and do nasty things to prevent you...

The weather is no deterrant to dp although deep snow and ice force him off the road. He has state of the art gear (hence expense) and loves to explore bike mags for the next, next best thing <sigh>

cod Mon 15-Aug-05 19:17:59

Message withdrawn

piffle Mon 15-Aug-05 19:24:00

I have a helmet and a jacket... but I've not been on it for ohhhhh 4 yrs...
dd (3) adores it and sits on it when he rides in the driveway, therein lies the true bikers moll...

tallulah Tue 16-Aug-05 09:36:06

Starsky, a van shot out of a side road and hit my brother's motorbike sideways on. It shattered his leg in 3 places and he was on crutches for about 6 months. In contrast, some a*hole knocked my dh's car off the road- our car spun 3 times then shot through a fence and down an embankment, & dh, ds3 and dd walked away without a scratch. (The car was a complete mess & I had hysterics when I saw it)

hermykne Tue 16-Aug-05 09:43:33

my dh rides his bike to work, when the weather is fair
the best piece of advice i'd give, if your d decides to go ahead is for him to wear a flourescent jacket very similar to the one the cops wear on bikes. the have body armour in them and great protection plus visibility.
my dh got his in a motorbike shop, cost a fair bit maybe £180,
but literally its like the red sea opening up for him on motorways (and he is not going over the speed limit) or in town areas they all slow down or move in slightly.

he wears a white helmet, again good visibility
plus the leathers, and heavy boots.

plus he got a load of extras on the bike - fog lights which are really bright to the front, on permantly and good lights on the back.

he's careful
but i know other drivers are a risk.


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