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Flight socks............worth wearing??

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AlmostAnAngel Sun 14-Aug-05 23:17:31

are the socks you get for dvt worth getting?
if so where to get them thank you .

gingerbear Sun 14-Aug-05 23:20:59

Hello AAA, I see you are still in the process of last minute preparations!

Boots sell them, but they are expensive. Better to jog up and down the aisles with the trolly dollies??

Linnet Sun 14-Aug-05 23:21:36

I'm planning on getting a pair for our flights in October. I've never ever worn them before on any flights but my dr says I have the very early start of a varicose vein and that I should wear them, so I will.

They sell them in Boots and in other chemists as I've been checking them out for prices.

AlmostAnAngel Sun 14-Aug-05 23:22:01

lol will there be trolly dollys ? thought ba would give us a packed lunch!! lol

AlmostAnAngel Sun 14-Aug-05 23:22:52

linnet okie dokie on list for last minute buys tomorrow then!

SueW Sun 14-Aug-05 23:33:36

YES!!! Buy them!

I get swollen ankles badly on flights/long bus journeys, always have done, even as a 5'9", 9 stone teenager. I wore them for a 10.5 hour flight to California and back again and no sign of swelling.

One woman on the flight had such terribly swollen ankles that her partner was asking for an ice pack or similar to try help them down.

TBH, I think the airlines should ditch the cr@p they give you - pen, sleep mask, notepad, toothbrush, toothpaste and give everyone a pair of flight socks/tights.

AlmostAnAngel Mon 15-Aug-05 05:56:25

thanks suew will def do now ! should i get them for my dds [16/14 and 8]?? or do they not need them ?

Toothache Mon 15-Aug-05 08:51:27

A new guy was supposed to start here on Tuesday last week. He didn't turn up, the agency phoned on Wednesday to tell us that his wife had died of DVT after coming home from Dubai. She was only 40! How very very sad and scary.

AlmostAnAngel Mon 15-Aug-05 09:04:41

omg toothache thats so sad def worth the money then.

gingerbear Mon 15-Aug-05 10:29:38

Sorry if I seemed flippant about flight socks, agree that airlines should hand them out!

FairyMum Mon 15-Aug-05 10:31:56

I think it's worth it. I always get swollen feet on long hauls too. I always wear flight socks on flights longer than 3 hours.

starlover Mon 15-Aug-05 10:34:19

definitely! i always wear them. except for once when i came home from san francisco and my feet were SO swollen!

my gp said they're definitely a good idea

edodgy Mon 15-Aug-05 10:34:50

When i was going to antigua and having my injections at the gps my gp told me they will give out perscriptions for flight socks so may be worth giving your dr a call.

Mosschops30 Mon 15-Aug-05 10:45:11

Message withdrawn

AlmostAnAngel Mon 15-Aug-05 19:59:25

brought them

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