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Chic hotels in South West (preferably near beach) ????

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winnie1 Tue 15-Jul-03 15:51:26

Dh and I are desperate to get away on our own for one or towo nights. What I'd really love is a hotel that is very grown up with out chintz (sorry any chintz lovers!) Does anyone have any recommendations in Devon, Somerset, Avon, Wiltshire, Dorset or Glos ? Thanks in advance

winnie1 Tue 15-Jul-03 15:52:57

towo nights??

winnie1 Tue 15-Jul-03 15:55:14

THe heat has obviously got to me as I realise that some of these counties are not going to have beaches.... somewhere near a beach would just be an added bonus!

beetroot Tue 15-Jul-03 16:00:32

Message withdrawn

Enid Tue 15-Jul-03 16:01:22

Sorry, I'm not on commission, but Babington House? If you go in the week its cheaper (and nicer - less Mini Boden )

Enid Tue 15-Jul-03 16:01:45

great minds...

Enid Tue 15-Jul-03 16:02:07

Also Hurst House in Wales is very lovely but not near a beach.

bossykate Tue 15-Jul-03 16:15:00

you could also try Moonfleet Manor or, Lygon Arms or, not quite in your area, but gets fantastic reviews, there is a Hotel du Vin in Winchester and also in Bristol.

bossykate Tue 15-Jul-03 16:15:37

are you interested in cornwall at all?

bossykate Tue 15-Jul-03 16:22:22

i think this looks great, right on a great sounding beach, but e. sussex...

Azure Tue 15-Jul-03 16:22:50

Winnie1, my friends enjoyed a stay at Charlton House, near Bath. It is a country house hotel somehow connnected with Mulberry, and so the rooms are furnished in Mulberry fabrics. Michelin starred restaurant also.

Azure Tue 15-Jul-03 16:24:26

Oops, just seen you put WITHOUT chintz. Probably best to ignore my suggestion.

easy Tue 15-Jul-03 16:41:15

Trying to work out what you mean by chic, but if you mean REALLY nice (and a bit,or a lot, expensive) How about the Carlyon Bay in Cornwall?

Beautiful location, own pool, stands right above the bay with beach. Given the chance, I'd be there like a shot

Look at this

BTW this hotel is alleged to have refused a booking for the Blairs last year

also BTW I have no connection with this hotel, just love really good hotels when you can find them among the dross we have in the UK generally

Enid Tue 15-Jul-03 17:24:26

Oh and theres Hotel Tresanton in Cornwall. Probably chocka though.

tamum Tue 15-Jul-03 17:42:21

Obvious, but since nobody else has mentioned them, Calcot Manor and Woolley Grange (both Wiltshire)

bossykate Tue 15-Jul-03 17:51:17

ok, if we're on to cornwall now, you could try St Enodoc Hotel or, The Lugger Hotel or, St Petroc's B&B Padstow

Jimjams Tue 15-Jul-03 18:41:00

Burgh Island? *very* glam (with prices to match), but worth it for the sea tractor......

see here

codswallop Tue 15-Jul-03 19:25:26

Howards House Hotel in Teffont near Salisbury. Not sure f decor but very intimate and fab food I hear

codswallop Tue 15-Jul-03 19:26:56

codswallop Tue 15-Jul-03 19:28:22

and try

I want to go there now

bundle Tue 15-Jul-03 19:28:44

Jimjams, I LOVED that sea tractor, thanks for reminding me of it

Jimjams Tue 15-Jul-03 19:58:00

bundle- we were at Bigbury yesterday. (We live nearby) Ds2 (18 months) dragged me off to have good nose at the sea tractor. He was quite keen to go marching into the hotel- but I didn't think we were suitably dressed - despite being very cute (and kind of 1920's) in his stripey sunsuit

I was thinking of dragging dh off there in the early autumn, but then I read they want you to book 2 nights at the weekend So might got to Fingals instead.
It looks good, although being surrounded by the sea at Burgh Island is very tempting.

beetroot Tue 15-Jul-03 21:45:21

Message withdrawn

Azure Wed 16-Jul-03 09:31:44

Cowley Manor near Cheltenham. OK, not near a beach but it is described as a "contemporary country hotel" and looked fab in the booklet I had. No chintz.

SamboM Wed 16-Jul-03 09:50:59

Burgh Island is lovely. I'd be there now if I could!

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