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breaks over christmas - any ideas please

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sweetmonkey Fri 12-Aug-05 10:36:43

dp and i arent having a holiday this year as money is quite tight at mo and im moving jobs and stuff

we have said that we will try and go away for a couple of nights between christmas and new year

was just wondering if anyone had any ideas of somewhere nice to go thats not too far (we live in bromley,kent) and not too expensive


sweetmonkey Fri 12-Aug-05 11:15:14


sweetmonkey Fri 12-Aug-05 13:42:39


beetroot Fri 12-Aug-05 13:48:20

Message withdrawn

sweetmonkey Fri 12-Aug-05 13:52:54

Just somewhere for the 2 of us to escape for some peace and quiet

dont know if abroad is too far

beetroot Fri 12-Aug-05 13:54:20

Message withdrawn

sweetmonkey Fri 12-Aug-05 14:00:15

Will check into it in a bit. i quite like brighton too

sweetmonkey Fri 12-Aug-05 14:18:14

Had a look and the rooms look lovely, although food is way too posh for me. suppose we could eat out which wouldnt be a prob

have you stayed there? what did you think

beetroot Fri 12-Aug-05 14:24:12

Message withdrawn

moondog Fri 12-Aug-05 14:25:52

sweetmonkey,I stayed in an HdV in B'hamwhich was great.
UK will be expensive around then-how about a trip to the continent where things are quieter at this time. Somewhere like St malo or Deauville?
There's always a wistful sense of romance about a seaside resort in the winter I find!

sweetmonkey Fri 12-Aug-05 14:27:13

OK excellent
which room did you have? the loft rooms look lovely but bit too expensive.

might phone them up and ask for a brochure

thanks for yr help

sweetmonkey Fri 12-Aug-05 14:29:10

yeah any suggestions id be grateful for. im useless at not even knowing where to begin looking

want somewhere romantic and maybe where we can go for walks and dress up in big chunky snuggly jumpers and cuddle up together and stuff

(or is that just in my dreams) LOL

moondog Fri 12-Aug-05 14:33:15


I got a fab deal in the hotel that served the Orient Express in Istanbul last Feb.
£30 a room for the four of us!!
You could leave your options open,then such a day or two before,when prices will be rock bottom.

sweetmonkey Fri 12-Aug-05 14:37:37

will have a look and bookmark the page

sweetmonkey Mon 15-Aug-05 10:34:30

just bumping to see if anyone else has any ideas or recomendations for brighton as ive googled but there are so many its hard knowing where to begin.

would like a hotel on the seafront for 2 nights


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