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mumsnet vibes needed

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AlmostAnAngel Fri 12-Aug-05 08:06:43

we are fling on tuesday [hopefully]we are renewing our vows on holiday [after splitting up for a few months last year] i really need this holiday [as do dh and dds] wont list the crap weve been though....and now they are on strike!
[i can understand why they are on strike but please NOT NOW!!] any way please can yo useen me some vibes so i get this holiday thank you .xxxxxxxxxxxx

AlmostAnAngel Fri 12-Aug-05 08:07:15

flying not fling

AlmostAnAngel Fri 12-Aug-05 08:14:32

should i bother packing?

MaryP0p1 Fri 12-Aug-05 08:18:12

AAA, don't about your packing but I hope you get away. Have a lovely one, where are you going????

flamesparrow Fri 12-Aug-05 08:25:35

Sending oodles of DO STRIKE WHILE AAA IS AWAY vibes out

flamesparrow Fri 12-Aug-05 08:26:45

As in after you've left... not for when you want to leave

AlmostAnAngel Fri 12-Aug-05 08:51:30

yes they can strike as much as they want once weve left we dont mind being standed at the barrier reef

AlmostAnAngel Fri 12-Aug-05 08:56:24

to pack or not to pack that is the question?

flamesparrow Fri 12-Aug-05 09:07:39


Or do you want me to think that you don't have faith in my vibes???


dyzzidi Fri 12-Aug-05 09:14:59


Don't let anything spoil your holiday or the build up to it.

sending positive vibes to you!!!!

AlmostAnAngel Fri 12-Aug-05 15:31:38

we wont go will we the bloody plane wont fly cos of the strike we will miss our wedding ,,bugger bugger

AlmostAnAngel Fri 12-Aug-05 16:39:33

just spoke to qantas got a really nice women on th ephone ..very up beat ozzy accent! lol she hopes probs will sort out by tonight[[[[[[[[vibes to myself]]]]]]] i hoppppppppppppppppppppppe sooooooo

SaintGeorge Fri 12-Aug-05 16:43:03

According to the BBC , staff are returning to work. Will have a knock on effect to services for days though.

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