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Would like to look at Nappybaglady's blog, are you there???

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dejags Wed 10-Aug-05 07:52:07

NBL - I read that you have a blog which gives loads of detail about your trip. Would love to have a look at this because we are still secretly thinking about doing what you have done next year.


PollyLogos Wed 10-Aug-05 08:04:37

Dejags, the log starts here I finished reading it last night and the trip sounds fabulous and great fun!

Nappybaglady also has some comments on this thread

PollyLogos Wed 10-Aug-05 08:05:32

Sorry, you need to scroll to the bottom of the page to find the start of the trip.

nappybaglady Wed 10-Aug-05 13:18:45

wow, thanks for your interest and thanks for putting the links on polly.

Have been thinking about contacting MNHQ to see if they can use any of our travel experiences for the good of the site and for advice about the best way to format it.

Re blog. DH added to it daily so it runs in reverse order. We were away may/june/july. if you click on the date on the little calendar you will get the blog entry for that date

Will have a bit of a think about how to deal with all the threads then put something more on here tonight

Hope it helps some of you.

And finally, got to say, if you're thinking about doing something like this but are worried that it's a mad plan - DO IT, DO IT, DO IT. It was great

nappybaglady Wed 10-Aug-05 21:07:11

I've emailed MNHQ to see if they can advise on how best to collate our travel experiences so that others can get some advice about the good and bad bits.
There are, I think, 3 other threads and DHs blog which tell the story of our trip.

this is the first thread I posted asking for advice

I started this thread just before we went and it continued going a bit while we were away

this is DH's blog It runs back to front so if you do want to read it go to May then work your way up from the bottom. It was done like this because family and friends and some MNers were following us daily while we travelled

this thread has some of the comments since we got back

I hope that I'm not being self indulgent by keeping thsi thread going. We have been amazed and encouraged by all the interest and support we've had from MN about our trip so I would like to think that our expereineces could help others out there.

And anyway I like to keep talking about it

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