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Moving 3 cats to NZ....

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georginars Mon 08-Aug-05 17:15:40

Long shot this - now that I have sorted my NZ citizenship out and my parents have comfirmed they're going back to NZ for good, DH and I are seriously considering moving to NZ (scary). One of the main flies in the ointment is we couldn't bear to leave our 3 cats behind.
Have searched MN and found a little bit about moving animals but just wanted to ask if anybody has done anything similar re moving animals to a different country. I know it will probably cost loads but apart from anything else, how on earth do cats cope with such a long journey? Am I just being cruel to them?
Any relevant advice/experience gratefully received!

eidsvold Wed 10-Aug-05 05:53:37

Not sure if NZ is like Aus - if it is - they will also need to spend a length of time in quarantine. I had thought about shipping an animal to the UK from Aus ( had we stayed permanently) but the quarantine if we ever went back was too long and I thought it would be too cruel to keep her caged for the flight time and the stress that would be involved. I can understand not wanting to leave pets behind but you have to weigh up the cost - but more importantly the stress on the animals of travelling for so long and so far and the transit stops - for them to arrive in NZ as well as the quarantine time.

You could check on the NZ customs and quarantine site for info re the length of time etc.

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