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shipping costs

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Charlee Sun 07-Aug-05 14:57:34

Were startng the arrangments for emigrating to NZ, i know some of you have done this, obviously we wont be taking the furniture but would want to ship some stuff over in crates, can anyone tell me what it will roughly cost and how to go about it, is there a web site? thanks

purpleturtle Sun 07-Aug-05 15:13:34

I think you'd need to get an actual quote.

We are planning to take a fair amount of the furniture and other contents of our 3-bed terraced house to Perth, Australia (storing it for 3 months, in UK, first). Pickfords have quoted just under £3000 for that. Another firm made it nearly £5000.

OTOH I know someone moving to the Isle of Man next week, and she's having to pay £3000 for that - she does have a lot more stuff, but apparently the ferries are expensive.

It seems that they come to your house to have a look at what you want to take, then produce the quote from that. They'll talk you through any customs implications etc. as well. We liked the guy from Pickfords, definitely seemed to know his stuff, and they have a depot where we're going, so there'll be no sub-contracting going on. The guy from the local firm didn't offer us much information at all really, although to be fair we didn't ask him many questions.

Charlee Sun 07-Aug-05 15:35:59

is that air or sea? the only heavy thing were taking is the p.c and the t.v all the rest is clothes.

purpleturtle Sun 07-Aug-05 17:13:58

Sorry, - that's by sea. Price based on volume rather than weight. We're taking a lot of our stuff so that we can make it feel like home easily. We're not bothering with any electrical stuff apart from the PC because it's so new we'd definitely lose a fair amount on it by selling it.

The Pickfords man told us it's only worth taking your tv if it's a brand new super-duper widescreen job. There's also extra insurance available against 'electrical derangement' - a condition whereby your pc refuses to work once relocated even if it hasn't been mistreated in any way at all.

FIMAC1 Sun 07-Aug-05 21:19:20

We used GB liners when shipping our things for overseas postings. They were cheaper than Pickfords too. Used Pickfords once for one leg of a posting when GB liners were full - Pickfords did not pack as well as GB Liners. We did not take any electricals with us either (is the voltage the same in NZ?)

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