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Help me decide which Hotel/Resort - narrowed it down to 3!

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jammie Thu 04-Aug-05 20:51:49

We are going on a weeks hol abroad at end of August with our 2 DS, age 7 and age 1 but cannot make up our minds which to choose. It is out of the following:-
The Bitacora - Playa de las Americas
Plus points - Family Hotel with waterslide, bouncy castle and soft play area.
Bad points - in Playa de las Americas - been there before and not particularly family orientated although I know it is popular with families.
Fiesta Hotel Cala Nova - Es Cana - Ibiza,
Plus points - Nice hotel, really family friendly resort.
Bad points - Went to Ibiza a couple of years ago, although did quite enjoy it.
Louis Zanta Beach Hotel - Lagunas - Zante
Plus points - Nice A/I hotel, on beach, seems quite family friendly - also have not been to Greece in a while.
Bad points - Near to Lagunas which is supposed to be a bit 18-30 ish! Not sure if I want to stay A/I although it might be easier with the children.

All of these above have very limited availability so we must make our minds up really quick! Really cannot decide what to do. If anyone has any advice or has been to one of these properties, I would really appreciate your help.
many thanks

WestCountryLass Thu 04-Aug-05 20:58:33

I would go to Zante, just because I really want to go there and have never been

tiredemma Thu 04-Aug-05 21:06:15

id say zante aswell,

bitacora is a nice hotel but the beaches in tenerife are dire,

louis hotels in greece are a very good hotel chain.- id stay there.

fifilala Thu 04-Aug-05 21:45:44

not stayed at Bitacora but looks nice, it is in the nicer part of Playa d l a....I have stayed at the tenerife princess x 3. The beach towards los Cristianos is nice and is only about a 15 min walk.

Aimsmum Thu 04-Aug-05 21:48:02

Message withdrawn

maisiemoo Thu 04-Aug-05 22:19:45

Unless you want to tiptoe through pools of v?m?t down the high street every morning and step over bright red post-GCSE kids comatose on the beach, avoid Laganas like the plague. DH and I booked a last minute week there a few years ago and even tho we were BC (Before Children) Laganas was the closest I've come to 'Holiday Uncovered' late on Channel 4 on a Friday night!!!

Having said that Zante itself is a lovely island - if you can find accommodation away from that coast it's lovely and much more 'Greek'

Hope that helps.

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