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Where to visit / stay in and around Perth, Australia

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NottsMum Wed 03-Aug-05 23:12:02

Calling any MNetters who have been or who live in Perth. DH and I are visiting his parents for 3 weeks in November and whilst we're there want to spend about a week somewhere within travelling distance of Perth. My youngest DD will be 14 months so we don't want to spend hours travelling and we can't afford to spend hideous amounts of money (as getting there alone is costing us an arm and a leg!)

We would like to go somewhere that has lots of interesting things for us to do as a family but that's about the only criteria. So if you've any suggestions please let me know and any websites that I should go look at would be really useful too.

Fingers crossed I get some replies.....

RTKangaMummy Wed 03-Aug-05 23:14:28

Take boat over to ROTNEST ISLAND and see the quockers {sp}

RTKangaMummy Wed 03-Aug-05 23:22:00

here is a link take a look

We went over for the day and then we walked and went on a bus around the island but you can cycle

eidsvold Thu 04-Aug-05 12:03:10

bump for suzy... suzywong is one of our perth mumsnetters... may be the only one not sure about that.

NottsMum Fri 05-Aug-05 14:29:36

Thank you. I'll be cheeky and CAT suzywong!

suzywong Fri 05-Aug-05 14:32:23

took the post right out of my mouth!
CAT away

suzywong Fri 05-Aug-05 14:33:39

RTK is right Rotto is the way to go, but you will have to book way in advance, everything else IS bloody miles away, 3 hours drive type thing

suzywong Sat 06-Aug-05 08:55:22

check it out

swiperfox Sat 06-Aug-05 09:42:23

My Dad lives in Perth - he recommends Scarborough beach for a day on the coast

suzywong Sat 06-Aug-05 09:43:17

ooh does he, do you ever visit?

swiperfox Sat 06-Aug-05 09:46:25

Have never been!! He's been over there for 15 years lol We would love to go but can't afford it just now. He keeps on at me to go over though. I don't know if i could stand the heat!!!

suzywong Sat 06-Aug-05 09:47:36

oh you should go, try April or October

swiperfox Sat 06-Aug-05 09:55:58

Is that where you are SW?
I have a friend in Perth too, she lives North of the river and my Dad lives south so they both slag off each others district!!

swiperfox Sat 06-Aug-05 10:00:34

Apparently the big park is lovely too, kings park? And the zoo

suzywong Sat 06-Aug-05 10:02:59

yes I'm there and it's aaaaaalllllll good
how old are your kids?

swiperfox Sat 06-Aug-05 10:04:59


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