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Any good hotels/accommodation in Rome for a visit with kids?

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Merlot Mon 01-Aug-05 15:44:43

Ds1 is desperate to go and see where the Gladiators used to fight, so we thought we might have 4/5 days in Rome this August.

Has anyone stayed anywhere child friendly and with a pool. I think that is probably essential in August.

Greatful for any thoughts/suggestions

swedishmum Mon 01-Aug-05 16:14:54

Will watch with interest - we'd planned on Egypt but are now thinking towards Sorrento, Rome and Pompeii.

Nickinha Mon 01-Aug-05 17:03:32

We just got back from Italy where we hired a bungalow in a camping site 3km outside of Rome, with pool everything. The camping have free buses going into the center where you can see all this all the time. The bungalows where exceptionaly neat, 2 en suite bedrooms, Airconditioning, self catering, with private verandah, all this for €100 per night. would HIGHLY recommend it. Called Camping Paradise

Nickinha Mon 01-Aug-05 17:08:38

sorry, the name is Camping Roma, not Paradise

Merlot Mon 01-Aug-05 18:03:57

Thanks Nickinha - sounds fantastic! Off to investigate

Merlot Mon 01-Aug-05 18:09:47

Is this it Nickinha? HERE

Merlot Mon 01-Aug-05 18:27:02

Also, did you fly or go by car?


Merlot Tue 02-Aug-05 08:54:27

bump for Nickinha

Nickinha Tue 02-Aug-05 15:19:59

Sorry Merlot, wierd hours that i can come on so answers could be delayed. Yes, that is it exept we did not stay in the hostels but hired a bungalow. Search Camping Roma on google and a more detailed site should come up. It is all in the same place though (facilitates for all). We flew from Portugal to Milan, rented a car and drove around the whole of Italy for two weeks. The cost of the car came to 650E for the two weeks. (We drove over 2500km) If you would like any more info, I am more than willing to give you tips... :-)

Nickinha Tue 02-Aug-05 15:37:17


Merlot Tue 02-Aug-05 18:13:10

Many Thanks Nikinha

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