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What's the best way to get from Charles de Gaulle to disneyland?

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decafgirl Sun 02-May-10 22:11:35

Hi, what would you recommend? I haven't booked the coach transfer from the travel agents as they wanted £90 and a few friends said 'you can just get on for about £12' but I've since heard lots of different stories.

Does anyone have any advice? It's just me, DH and DS (aged 3) travelling.

TIA xxx

Portofino Mon 03-May-10 10:02:02

You can take a train. The TGV stops at CDG and Marne La Vallee.

eandh Mon 03-May-10 10:04:43

I thought that there was a direct bus but could be imagining that, I remember people in our hotel getting the bus back to airport when we went (we went on Eurostar so no personal experience)

PrettyFeckinVacant Mon 03-May-10 18:15:44

We hired a car, but I remember at the airport, seeing a Disneyland bus that took people to the various airports.

Sorry, not much help with charges etc

frakkinnuts Mon 03-May-10 18:23:14


But I think there is a bus...

magentastardust Mon 03-May-10 18:26:26

There are buses direct that have the disney logos etc on them -it has been 3 or 4 years since we got them but think we were around 10Euros per adult? They go from CDG to all the disneyland hotels then to Disneyland park.

decafgirl Tue 04-May-10 21:35:34

Thank you! Just didn't want to get there and be immediately confused! x

FoJo Thu 06-May-10 22:12:48

We've been loads of times, there is a shuttle whihc is very easy, you cant miss the buses and they stop at the disney hotels. The fares will be on the website, they take a while though, depending on whihc hotel you are at, a good hour or more and it can be a bit tedious, but i'd recommend it for nervous firstimers! Once we got braver we got a taxi, just hailed one from outside the airport and agreed the price before we got in. I seem to remember a price of about 80 euros for the 4 of us in a taxi compared with 60 euros on bus but that was at least a couple of years ago. 40 mins ish in taxi. We got the train once, incredibly quick, about 15 mins i think, however quite expensive, more than the taxi and also a bit of a pain as station in different terminal from where we landed and so we had to get a shuttle bus around the airport to get to the station so i think we'd not do it again, i'd prob get taxi in future. go to and scroll down to 'dlp' section for loads of help

decafgirl Sat 08-May-10 08:54:46

Thank you! smile

lal123 Sat 08-May-10 08:59:15

we took the train - the SNF not the slow one. Station right beside disney land - marne la vallee. I can't remember it being that expensive

Goofyy Sat 20-Feb-16 10:52:27

I know children's don't like walking much. In that case you should take a cab or book private transfer. if doesn't cost that much. All you need to take a look at some transfer services. Last year we booked a private transfer via IT doesn't cost that much you are saying. Try to look at some of these kinds of sites.

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