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Double pram on holiday??

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Marsmonster Wed 28-Apr-10 07:58:47

Going to Turkey on holiday with DD1 28 months and DD2 5 months. I use my double pram (Out&about Nipper 360) all the time at home but not sure about taking it on holiday. DD1 will walk quite a lot of the time but thought the double would be useful getting through the airports, naps during the day and if they want to sleep in the evenings when we are out and about. Anyone know if airlines will let you take a double pram to the door of the plane? Any other advice please?

lillypie Wed 28-Apr-10 08:01:24

I would definately take double but maybe use a sling and a cheapy single at the airport.

mumoverseas Wed 28-Apr-10 11:34:30

We took our Phil and Teds to the door of the plane last year and then folded and put it into the travel bag and it was then put in the hold.

wonderingwondering Wed 28-Apr-10 11:39:47

We used to take our single Maclaren XT then a really cheap fold up hoodless buggy from Mothercare that folded up small and we tucked that in basket of the XT. That worked quite well as the 3 yr old didn't use it much, but still needed a rest now and then, or in the evenings. Much easier to get 2 single buggies round cafes and across the sand on the beach etc.

Although with a 5 month old. I'd be tempted to take a single and a sling and let her sleep in that in the evening.

EldonAve Wed 28-Apr-10 11:42:55

We usually take a double maclaren on holiday - v useful for the airport

soph24 Wed 28-Apr-10 15:33:54

I know all about this one! We went to South Africa with our babies aged 28 months and 9 months and spent ages deciding on the pram options.

In the end we took the double pram. Which we took to the plane door with no problems.

But we also bought a lightweight stroller which we just checked in with our luggage. As the older child walks alot the stroller was great for around the hotels and short trips. But the double pram was def needed for the airport and days out.

tanmu82 Wed 28-Apr-10 15:40:33

I took our Maclaren dbl on holiday long haul 3 times and I swore by it. Very useful for the airports as others have said and can be given in at the plane door. Also good on nights out when the kids would sleep whilst we ate. I think a sling would be more hard work as when you are hot, you really don't want another body wrapped closely to yours.

Marsmonster Wed 28-Apr-10 15:48:00

Thanks so much-your comments have been really useful. Think we will take the double and think about taking our mclaren triumph to check in. One more question-someone has told me that we will need to deflate the tyres on the pram before it goes in the hold. Any experience of this?

chopstheduck Wed 28-Apr-10 15:54:07

do you not have two singles?

I always used singles with our dts on holidays, found it much easier.

I never deflated wheels, but did find they somehow went a bit flat anyway, so don't forget to pack a pump if you do pack the nipper.

soph24 Thu 29-Apr-10 21:41:29

Never heard of deflating tyres although mine has hard wheels.

Just on the 2 singles idea we debated this one long and hard - but obviously the disadvantage that you both have to push. Especially a problem when the toddler wants to walk - at least with a double one is pushing baby and one is hands free to deal with the toddler. Not sure if all that made sense!!

Sonilaa Sat 08-May-10 08:22:22

and don*t forget to take a sling/carrier, usually you only get the pushchair back after immigration...

Davidklmine Sat 15-Nov-14 14:52:20

Well, you can read more reviews here

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