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RTKangaMummy Fri 29-Jul-05 19:02:22




RTKangaMummy Fri 29-Jul-05 19:04:01

now........................... now

RTKangaMummy Fri 29-Jul-05 19:13:42

very interesting prog

RTKangaMummy Fri 29-Jul-05 19:17:10



Departure Lounge

7:00pm - 8:00pm

BBC1 London & South East

VIDEO Plus+: 5310
Subtitled, Widescreen


Simply broadcasting travel reports, Judith Chalmers-style, on holidays and their cost obviously isn't enough any more. We need topicality, "takeaway information" and fresh ways of enjoying the more popular destinations. Hence this new series, based at Manchester Airport and presented by Simon Calder, Nick Knowles and Angellica Bell, which intends to look at every possible aspect of holidaying.

Among the regular items each week there'll be a £500 challenge in which a chosen celebrity - this week Kirsty Gallacher - has to see how far they can travel on a limited budget, and Call Calder, in which Simon Calder helps disgruntled holidaymakers to enjoy themselves more by pointing out the best places for them to visit. This first edition also features a luggage test, a booze cruise with none other than Jilly Goolden and a safari location report from a family whose previous experience of the wild has been courtesy of Disney's Animal Kingdom in Florida.

RTKangaMummy Fri 29-Jul-05 19:21:57

lots of tips

RTKangaMummy Fri 29-Jul-05 19:24:14

RTKangaMummy Fri 29-Jul-05 19:31:12

really good

RTKangaMummy Fri 29-Jul-05 19:39:35

Obviously no one is going on holiday this year

Scatterbrain Fri 29-Jul-05 19:40:44

You talking to yourself RTKM ??

RTKangaMummy Fri 29-Jul-05 19:47:58

ooooooooooooooh yes I like doing that

And I answer myself too

At least I understand what I am going on about

Well sometimes anyway

Scatterbrain Fri 29-Jul-05 19:49:14

Oh me too !!! Sometimes find a mirror helpful I do !!

Eve Fri 29-Jul-05 19:51:05

just a close look at Nick Knowles teeth!!! euggHHHHHHHHH...

they are brown, I used to think he was quite nice!

RTKangaMummy Fri 29-Jul-05 19:54:03

<< yuck >>

Linnet Fri 29-Jul-05 21:56:10

We watched it, I really enjoyed the piece about luggage, seeing as we need some new luggage for our holiday in October, guess who'll be checking out the prices of Samsonite cases in town tomorrow

Dd1 loved the Safari, especially when the elephant walked across the road and said that she now wants to go on a safari. Closest she's going to get to a Safari this year will be at the Animal Kingdom in Florida, but FIL has houses in South Africa, one of them near to Krugar national park, so you never know maybe one day she'll get to go on a real safari.

RTKangaMummy Fri 29-Jul-05 22:08:27

I thought it was good too

I loved the luggage test too

I prefer soft holdalls and soft cases

but don't think would bother with £450 ones when samsonite you can throw on a bungy rope

Hulababy Fri 29-Jul-05 22:17:37

We watched it too; wuite enjoyed it.

Can't wait till DD is old enough to take on a safari.

RTKangaMummy Fri 29-Jul-05 22:44:42

one of ds class mates is in kenya atm on safari

they are 10 years

Hulababy Fri 29-Jul-05 22:46:28

It is so great. I got married on safari in Kenya.

DD is only 3 at moment. because of the jabs, and the long distance to travel think she needs to be at least 8yo; 10 or 11 better.

RTKangaMummy Fri 29-Jul-05 22:51:03

we are thinking of it for next year

{cos this year we have already had holiday to usa}

DEFFO BRILL to get married there

was that in JULY/august ???

Hulababy Fri 29-Jul-05 22:52:32

In August...infact it must my wedding anniversary next week.

Got married at Shimba Hills near the coast; a small safari park. Then went on safari afterwards further afield. Was amazing.

RTKangaMummy Fri 29-Jul-05 23:12:30

WOW that sounds wonderful

Hulababy Fri 29-Jul-05 23:15:50

Yes, it has great memories

You should defintiely think about going though. Safari is so amazing.

RTKangaMummy Fri 29-Jul-05 23:19:11


We are following this other family on holiday

last year they went to california and then we went at this easter

this year they go on safari and then next year we do too

Hulababy Fri 29-Jul-05 23:20:05

LOL! At least you get their hints and tips about where to go, what to see, etc.

RTKangaMummy Fri 29-Jul-05 23:25:08

I know it is soooooooooo funny

we are not really friends with them and but they did give us tips about california

DS does not really like their DD cos she is a bit of bossy boots IYSWIM

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