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Are there any hotel room deals on at the moment?

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Polgara2 Fri 29-Jul-05 17:08:30

Or failing that hotel recommendations please? Want to take children up to York and stay overnight. Know that that hotel chains like holiday inn etc sometimes have special room rates but I can never find any!

RTKangaMummy Fri 29-Jul-05 17:11:57

have you tried tripadvisor or expedia ???????

Polgara2 Fri 29-Jul-05 17:19:05

Ooh no, had just assumed they were for abroad will go look thanks

RTKangaMummy Fri 29-Jul-05 17:20:47

good luck

Polgara2 Fri 29-Jul-05 20:47:55

Mmm - has anyone got any recommendations at all? If prices are similar could do with something else to tip the balance. Any suggestions? Thanks

popmum Fri 29-Jul-05 21:02:11

could try marriot

has a hotel in york and this is 30% off & kids are free

Skribble Sat 30-Jul-05 00:00:30

Travel Lodge sometimes get it for £26 a room which can sleep 4.

holiday inn

misty Sat 30-Jul-05 00:18:10


Travelodge are doing £10 per night rooms special at the moment here .

foxinsocks Sat 30-Jul-05 08:51:37

laterooms is very good for last minute deals

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