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Im gettin on a plane....and im so scared - help!

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Nixz Thu 28-Jul-05 08:15:11

Ok - im an adult been on a billion planes before and as i said on other threads, jumped out of the things a few miles high but this is a real scarey day abd the fear is getting worse.
A few years ago, dp, dd and i went to cyprus and had the most awful flight - one of the engines failed and we dropped a good few thousand feet. The turbulance was terrible and everyone on the flight was clearly petrified as no one spoke for nearly the whole journey - even cabin crew were seated for the majority. On the way back - same thing except storms at manchester meant we skidded off runway etc, they closed the airport after our flight. The year later i was scared, the year after, i flew friday 13th and sobbed all the way there. And today, me and my dd go to stay with my brother in spain, we will be on that flight on our own, just the two of us. Im so god almighty scared. Ive just had the most awful nightmares about someone hurting my dd and im in a real state. How do i get through this today, i honestly think i would rather cancel than get on that plane.....

noddyholder Thu 28-Jul-05 08:21:05

Get some rescue remedy to make you feel calm The statistics show that flying is the safest form of travel.I am flying to greece in a week and kije you have flown countless times but am feeling a bit nervous too so will be stocking up on recue remedy too.Let the cabin crew know you are nervous and they will chat tp you etc

katierocket Thu 28-Jul-05 08:25:29

definitely let the cabin crew know you are nervous they should be really helpful.
You will be OK, just try to focus on DD rather than the actual flight

Nixz Thu 28-Jul-05 08:30:25

I was thinking a few v&t's at the bar - does that count as rescue remedy?

Nixz Thu 28-Jul-05 08:31:21

I think if i let the cabin crew know though they might keep asking me if im ok, and that always makes me worse... Oh god god god god

zippy539 Thu 28-Jul-05 08:42:04

Nixz - I really feel for you, I hate flying too - especially with the kids. I'm not surprised you're nervous after your experiences but can you turn them round and look at them positively - ie the engine failed on that flight which is pretty extreme but everyone survived and lived to tell the tale. That shows you how rare air accidents usually are.

P.S - I never fly without having a double gin and tonic in the departure longe. Any more and I'm a bit pissed but the double does seem to take the edge of things... Just don't get drunk or you'll feel even worse!

Have a lovely time.

Pollyanna Thu 28-Jul-05 08:46:14

Nixz I really know how you feel as I was exactly the same -I'm sorry I can't give you any tips on how to get through this flight.

However, if you can afford it, I really recommend doing a fear of flying course. I did the BA one at Heathrow and it completely cured me of my phobia (I got to the stage where I came back from a holiday by train rather than get on the plane). BA fear of flying course I think virgin might run them too.

Pollyanna Thu 28-Jul-05 08:48:48

They will tell you on the course that even if both engines fail, the plane still won't crash - it will glide (apparently) and land!

Nixz Thu 28-Jul-05 08:51:58

Wow - thanks everyone for your tips, im sure if i have a double, think positive and feel safe the plane will glide then the 'edge' has definately been taken off! Zippy, i suppose you have a point, we are still here - i should think like that. I dont want to pass these neurotic moments onto my daughter. Thanks everyone - i shall let u know how i get on...

Raspberry Thu 28-Jul-05 08:51:58

Tell the staff at the airport at check-in that you have a fear of flying and they will be very attentive to you and help ease your fear. They are very well practised in this sort of thing.

happymerryberries Thu 28-Jul-05 08:59:58

Just remember that the pilots are almost always RAF trained. Many of them will have been fast jet pilots. These guys will have flown at 250 ft through the mountains, will have pulled G to the point that their neck muscles thicken!, will have gone faster than the speed of sound. Flying a comercial jet is all very safe and sedate for them. Awful as your experience was they guys train and train and train for all of this, until it becomes second nature. My dh is in the simulator this afternoon doing just that!

The pilots will be first rate, just pity me, I have to navigate for one of them as we drive through France

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