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Flying with icandy pram - am i mad / travel bag

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madparent1 Fri 17-Jun-16 11:55:22

We had a bag made for us. Genesis Pram Travel Bags are made to measure so suitable for everything. Why the amazon link is allowed but not my suggestion is a mystery. Just use a search engine for GENESIS PRAM TRAVEL BAGS and get one made to measure.

Always worth keeping your pram clean and dry because at the other end you don't want to put a toddler in a dirty, wet pram, never mind the scratches from being dragged. Better a damaged bag than a damaged pram!

madparent1 Wed 18-May-16 10:52:50

Message deleted by MNHQ. Here's a link to our Talk Guidelines.

forevergreek Sat 16-Feb-13 09:07:53

We have travelled with he bugaboo cameleon in a bag on many flights. Never had a scratch ( could just be luck though). Personally I would take it. You could do what someone suggested and put carrycot in large suitcase and just fill it with stuff. Take baby in sling at airport (never get buggy back at ate anyway), then use you pram as place to sleep and use on trip.

The main reason we chose bugaboo was ur to overnight sleeping so it seemed pointless to not use

Isandri Sat 16-Feb-13 08:58:09

Stokke make a plane safe protection bag for their prams that they say is compatible with other brands. In Norway people hop on and off planes as if they're busses so it should be good.

aaahhhBump Sat 16-Feb-13 02:08:45

Thought this might be helpful with the summer coming. Seems to fit a lot of strollers.

sugarbaba Wed 21-Nov-12 23:55:31

hi mcbaby, am traveling to fuertaventura over the christmas period my ds will be just over 3 months old , i debated what to do, i've just bought an icandy apple travel bag off ebay (i paid £50 for it),i have tried it out and i can fit the icandy apple chasis and the carrycot (folded down) in the bag so am taking them ,am traveling with thomas cook and looking at there website am allowed to take my carseat too, not sure if i will though

McBaby Tue 13-Nov-12 08:39:17

How did you all get on with icandy/travel bags/aeroplanes. Trying to work out what to do when we go in a couple of weeks. Buy a travel bag or a cheapish mclaren.

Kiwinyc Sun 13-Jun-10 17:24:22

Can you fit the carrycot into a large suitcase? Apart from the Micralite I've never bothered to put multiple carseats or other strollers into a travel bag and not had any problems.

mammyvicky Sun 13-Jun-10 08:14:06

Hmmm i rang my pram shop yesterday for a price on the bag and there could be a problem.
They have 1 bag designed for the carrycot only.
Then another bag designed for the chassis and seat unit, she wasnt atall sure the carrycot would fit instead of the seat unit infact she really thought it wouldnt even with the carrycot flattened down.
She said its because the seat unit can be moved positions to help it fit.
She is ringing icandy on monday and gettin back to me but im definitly not buying 2 seperate bags.
The 1 for the seat unit and chassis was £80.
Ive emailed the ebay lady to ask her if it will fit and im waiting a reply.

My sister has offered to lend me her city jogger but i think my 12 week old will be too small for it and it wont be comfy like her apple. Plus id hate having her facing away from me, especially as she is quite sicky so i like to see her.
If i used the jogger then i do have a cot in the villa she could sleep in but as she will still be in moses basket at home i think she would sleep better in the apple carrycot.

OH what to do????

nicm Sat 12-Jun-10 21:50:22

mmm. hard to know isn't it. i would have taken my teutonia only couldn't get it into my p&t bag so ended up buying a maclaren stroller and maclaren travel bag. last time i got it back the travel bag was ripped but stroller was ok. i would def get the bag and then it should be fine.

Kiwinyc Sat 12-Jun-10 20:04:07

i took my micralite in a (purpose made micralite) travel bag to Greece and to the USA and had no problems. We also took the carry cot but put that inside a large suitcase. We took the stroller with 4mth/5mth old DD in the car seat to the gate and then put it in its bag and left it and the car seat at the gate.

Both times DD slept in the carrycot overnight and it was so great being able to push her around to go sleep on the buggy as we did at home for naps.

We've done the same with a stroller (Maclaren Quest) a dozen other times with no bag at all and had no problems.

mammyvicky Sat 12-Jun-10 14:50:54

Hi im in the same predicament with my icandy apple and my 3month old, i want to take it for exactly same reasons as you and have same reservations you do!
There is a bag on ebay search for icandy bag and you will find it but im really not sure what to do the actually icandy one looks better but is so dear.
My insurances covers the pram but im still not sure.
Let me know what you decide.

mumoverseas Thu 15-Apr-10 13:12:59

If it is really expensive, you may be mad to take it. I think that most airlines have in the small print (which you read on the baggage tag receipt after the bag has been tagged) that prams are not covered if they are damaged by the airline. (think this was mentioned a few days ago on another thread too).
We took our P & T on a flight last summer and bought the travel bag to go with it but it still suffered some minor damage.

I'd suggest you check out the insurance position first.

EldonAve Thu 15-Apr-10 13:04:17

if you want it to survive buy the proper travel bag

felicity10 Thu 15-Apr-10 11:17:27

So ladies, do you think I am mad to take my pram on a plane to cyprus in june?! I have the icandy peach.

Why we think it would be good to take:

- DD sleeps best in it!
- my pram has a matress that makes it ok to sleep in at night - so if we take pram, don't need to take travel cot
DD will only be 4 months so should really be flat in a pram rather than pushchair yet.

Why it might not be a good idea

-spent a fortune on it, so need to get some sort of bag to put it in, so doesn't get trashed by airline!
- DD will be 4 months old by then, and possibly starting to get a snug fit in it, although think will be fine.

Anyone think I am mad to take it - and therefore, what should i do, buy a cheap pushchair?

Anyone know where to get a padded travel bag from that is not as hideously expensive as the icandy one?!

Many thanks! Feel like i need to start packing now!!

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