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Croatia with a 9 month old?

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clackers Tue 26-Jul-05 18:29:15

Hi, has anyone been to Croatia with a little one, we are going in September and am wondering about availability of formula, baby food and nappies etc? Any other travel tips greatly appreciated!

Fran1 Tue 26-Jul-05 18:33:37

Sorry no help with Croatia specifically - never been there.

But we took dd to Mauritius when she was 9 months and my tip would be don't bother with toys!!
I bought about 8 mini toy type things to pack in hand luggage and amuse her on plane with. We got one new one out every couple of hours. These were things like mini books, mini rain maker, mini wind up tv type thing etc

For most of the holiday dd played with the pack of cards she got free on the flight! and of course the sand on the beach. And was entertained by all the hotel staff. So really didn't need much else!

We didn't take any food with us. Dd just ate with us, most meals were buffet type stuff so she got a good mixture. And the time difference meant she didn't mind waiting to eat with us about 9pm each night. Then one walk around the grounds in her buggy and she was asleep leaving us to relax in the bar all night


clackers Tue 26-Jul-05 18:40:01

Thanks for toy advice, will bear in mind!

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