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emmatom Sun 24-Jul-05 13:24:00

Went to Disney Florida some years ago and bought the park tickets from a booth on International Drive.
These days all the articles tell you to buy from the Internet Companies for best value, but I bumped into an acquaintance yesterday who went last year and said it's cheaper to get them there.
Has anyone been recently who can confirm the best thing to do as I need to make a decision soon. Thanks.

emmatom Mon 25-Jul-05 18:42:50

I take it no-one's been recently then?

Hulababy Mon 25-Jul-05 18:45:07

We got ours from Travel City direct in advance, along with rest of our holiday. We did get some good deals.

tallulah Mon 25-Jul-05 19:04:02

We went in April & bought them at the gate. We only had 5 days & didn't need the Hopper option. It cost $800 for 4 of us, which worked out to about £466- loads cheaper than the "UK only" offers on the internet. Depends how long you are going for- they won't sell a few days to UK visitors on the Disney site.

Hulababy Mon 25-Jul-05 19:46:16

Just found info about ours. From TCD last summer we paid £330 per adult (DD was free last year) for:

* 10 days hopper pass for Disney
* 14 days hopper type pass for Universal (was same price as standard 3 day pass)
* 1 day pass to sea World (got a free 2bd day on entry too)
* 1 day pass to Space Centre

emmatom Tue 26-Jul-05 14:38:44

Thank you both, that's given me food for thought. I suppose with the current exchange rate as well it's looking good to get them there.

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