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travel in hot weather

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KCD Sat 23-Jul-05 22:58:11

About to go to the US with a 4 month old - have been looking at the weather forecasts and the temps are 35 degrees plus. Worried about how DD will cope with the heat. Has anyone else travelled in similar temps. Any advice?

WestCountryLass Sat 23-Jul-05 23:14:06

We took DD to Mexico in June and it was the same temperature. We plastered her in sun cream, kept her in the shade as much as possible, if she fell asleep we always took her in doors for her sleep out of the heat and made sure she BF regularly and offered water frequently too.

SofiaAmes Sun 24-Jul-05 08:14:25

If you are going to the west coast, don't forget that it will be a very dry heat and only really uncomfortable when you are standing directly in the sun. In any case, east coast or west, every indoor space will be airconditioned so make sure that you bring a sweater for yourself and sweater and blankets for your dd (VERY SERIOUS ABOUT THIS!!!).
We went to Jamaica with ds when he was 2 months old and had a lovely time. One word of warning, we chose not to use sun cream as he was so young, but if you do the same, please remember that your dd can get sunburnt even in the shade from reflected sun. We used a very light almost see through gauzy cloth to cover ds whie outdoors. (ie something like sari fabri)

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