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swimming pool alarms

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jamjarparmar Thu 25-Mar-10 15:11:10

hi, we're lucky enough to be going to Italy in June with our 5yr and 2.5yr old DDs, plus their new baby brother who will be 3mnths.

the house we want to rent has a fab pool - but with no fence/alarm etc.

Has anyone bought a swimming pool alarm, and if so did they find a good one?! I am happy to shell out for safety and a bit of extra peace of mind. ~so far this one seems to have good reviews

Any advice REALLY gratefully received

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oopsandbabycoconut Thu 25-Mar-10 15:25:16

We bought a safety turtle alarm system when we were in Australia it is a wristband which locks onto the child and a base unit which you can mose about. If the wrist unit gets wet it sets off the alarm - we used it in conjunction with one of us being with DD at all times. It just gave us a sense of security that if I turned around to get something/put my book down I would be instantly alerted if she fell in.

here they are expensive but so worth it.

Joynt1954 Wed 07-Aug-19 10:44:47

There is a new product on the market which works with the latest technology and is a camea which sits under the water at the edge of a pool. It can detect when there is unusual activity in the pool or a person is stationary on the bottom of the pool. It then alarms to a box at the side of the pool but the great thing is it is paired to your smart phone by an app and will alarm on your phone giving you the location in a picture of where the person is in the pool. Also it will alarm when the pool is not supposed to being used so if a child falls in when the pool is not attended it will alarm.
Check this product out on the website at The price is very good for the quality and piece of mind this product gives.

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