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Ready made formula & airport security

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Niallsangel Wed 24-Mar-10 15:44:58

Has anyone flown and carried the little cartons of ready made formula instead of water/powder? If so, do airport security make you open the carton and taste it or not? I just want to take the option that is the least hassle and won't have people behind me in the queue huffing!

cathers Wed 24-Mar-10 18:19:34

Unless you can find a carton 100ml or less, you can't take it through security. We always ring Boots / Superdrug at the airport and get them to put some cartons aside once in the depature lounge

MobileNumberPortability Wed 24-Mar-10 18:22:41

They did pull us to the side last year and choose a carton for us to open and taste. Also they sometimes put a 'limit' on the number of cartons you can carry per flight!!

If baby is on a routine then I would suggest getting a food outlet near the gate to fill a bottle for you - once made it is good for 2 hours so can see you thru boarding, take off, selt belts on, then get the cabin crew to fill another bottle with hot water before selt belts landing etc.

A RTF carton or 2 could be good back up and often sold airside so no need to open/taste.

Niallsangel Wed 24-Mar-10 19:05:44

Thanks for the tips, will give Boots a call at the airport and check if they have the cartons. Otherwise will get some water from the food outlets, great suggestions.

CharlieBoo Wed 24-Mar-10 20:11:09

Hi that's so handy to know, hope they have Aptimil at the airport we go to in April. Will ring airport boots n find out. Otherwise can I just take bottles filled with water and the formula powder in a container? Sorry to hijack your thread.

MobileNumberPortability Wed 24-Mar-10 21:55:36

Aptamil usually yes.

Can't take fluid in excess of 100ml and it can only be in a 100ml (full) only container so if you use those little travel bottles then you'll be fine but no preboiled water measured to 100ml in a 125/250ml bottle - they will require it to be emptied, hence getting hot water airside.

Busy times can see RTF sell out and last time i enquired i was told they wouldn't 'save/reserve' any.

<fully prepeared to be shouted at> but RTF is all pretty much of a muchness.

CharlieBoo Thu 25-Mar-10 05:49:49

Thank you, ok prob some stupid questions coming up, so I can take 100ml but only if the bottle holds 100ml as a max? How mad is that lol? if that's the case can I take 3 x 100ml bottles with water in them? Or just 1? Will they be ok with the powder? Also will they heat bottles up on the plane? Right too many questions, I'll go away now lol. Thanks in advance. X

weegiemum Thu 25-Mar-10 05:54:15

Any single container can be up to 100ml

No more than 1 litre in total (last time I looked!)

savoycabbage Thu 25-Mar-10 06:39:06

I was allowed to take more than 100mls but it HAD to be in a baby bottle, not any other kind of bottle and I had to drink some.

Shaz10 Thu 25-Mar-10 06:42:15

Start getting baby used to room temperature/cold bottles if you're worried about heating them up. My son drinks the ready made stuff straight from the fridge!

ilovemydogandmrobama Thu 25-Mar-10 06:58:22

Check out the airport regulations, but thought baby formula was exempt from the 100 ml regulations? In any case, I've never had a problem taking formula I made up in bottles through security.

Niallsangel Thu 25-Mar-10 10:11:11

The Newcastle airport site says that baby milk/ liquid food is exempt from the 100ml rule. Just says only take enough for the trip and that you will be required to taste any liquid. I am still not sure whether that means will have to open a sealed carton so will take powder and water. Will ask about the cartons so I know for next time and post the answer.
Thanks very much for your help everyone, first flight with a baby so a bit neurotic!

Niallsangel Thu 25-Mar-10 14:36:14

Hello again. Just came through security and they told me the following. You can bring water/ made up formula in baby bottles and as much as you need for your flight. If you bring cartons they will open each one and make you pour it into empty bottle to taste or if you don't have a bottle they will discard it. Hope that helps although I guess it could vary from airport to airport slightly.

AlicesWonderland Thu 25-Mar-10 15:08:32

oohh could i just ask a question too ds is now on cows milk and we would be taking a bottle for the flight

would we have to take this in his bottle or could we take a bottle of milk (100ml on grin) could we take more than one of these as I bet he'll need a bottle when we get to hotel (late night) to get him to sleep

MobileNumberPortability Thu 25-Mar-10 15:36:36

yes, you can take 10 x 100ml fluid as long as it fits into the resealable bag.

Re: Cows milk, would it really be drinkable if out if the fridge for hours?, maybe if your son will take uht milk you could put a bottle/carton in your hold luggage.

If you have a bottle of made up formula/cows milk, they should allow it thru with a tasting.

Normally they just choose 1 of the cartons your carrying to open, as mentioned some airports have a 'limit' on the number they think is acceptable per flight, this doesn't always take into account flight delays / transfers.

CharlieBoo Fri 26-Mar-10 08:51:21

Thank you so much. Right my plan of action is to take 4 bottles with sterilised water in them and then my little container with my powdered milk. From what you ladies have said this should be ok. Thanks

MatesNeedPals Fri 26-Mar-10 21:12:26

Worse case Charlie is they will empty the bottles and you can get them refilled airside at a food outlet, no harm no foul tho maybe make up a bottle before the checks after check in.

MilMae Tue 20-Apr-10 21:03:24

I know this is an old(ish) thread but I'm flying in May and was looking for guidance on baby milk. Found this on Heathrow's website:
"Exceptions to the 100ml rule may also be made for those carrying baby food and milk, but you may be asked to taste the liquid when you go through security."

cornee Mon 19-Jul-10 20:10:25

I'd contact airport security before you go. We flew from Bristol to Newcastle this weekend...Bristol were fine with us taking a carton of aptamil, a heinz baby meal and a cup of water but Newcastle confiscated the meal, threw out the water and we had to put the milk into a clear bottle and taste. Each airport is different.

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