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Cala D'or -Majorca - anyone been?

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Finbar Wed 20-Jul-05 21:46:40

I'd love to know if you've been and have any recomendations about best beaches/restaurants etc.

Finbar Wed 20-Jul-05 21:56:45

oh no thread droppinglike a stone!

dermotolearyswifetobe Wed 20-Jul-05 21:58:41

not been there - have been to Alcudia though. This will keep it bumped for you.

loulabelle222 Thu 21-Jul-05 10:03:57

the place is the best! my parents took me all the time when i was younger! cala'dors best restaurant donlioni's !

myalias Thu 21-Jul-05 11:23:31

It's lovely, I went a few years ago and I can't remember the name of the hotel where we stayed, but it was one of the main hotels on the beach. There are a lot of good restaurants and the waiters are brilliant with children. In the town there is a wonderful selection of restaurants and cafes including Italian,Chinese,Indian and Thai etc. Had a real cosmopolitan buzz about the place. In the evenings the streets come alive with entertainers, artists and Karaoke. It's a great place for a family holiday.

Finbar Fri 22-Jul-05 09:37:10

Now I really cna't wait to go! Thanks

mummytosteven Fri 22-Jul-05 21:39:38

i've been. beaches aren't much to shout home about - OK, but no great shakes. loads of restaurants in resort centre and around the Marina. Stayed at Aparthotel Puerto Del Sol near the Marina (very nice it was too).

jayzmummy Sat 23-Jul-05 10:38:04

We went in June...its a lovely place. The marina is a fantastic place. There are lovely bistros all around where you can sit and watch the world go buy.

If you get chance walk along the main strip up to Cala is a beautiful beach and so safe for children. Get some snorkles and pack them, the fish are amazing to see.(Buy then here because they are expensive over there)

Cala Mondrago is another fantastic beach to visit. It is set in a nature reserve. The pine forest there is amazing and the beach again is ideal for children.

We found a wonderful little Tapas bar at the top end of the main strip, near to the Hotel Barcelo Ponnet Playa. If you like Tapas then I would recommend this as the place to go.

The caves are a lovely way to cool off and so spectacular to see and Puerto Petro is another lovely little place to visit. There is a wonderful French resturant there...cant remember the name but its the only one in Puerto Petro and has a blue and white awning.

Have a wonderful time....I really enjoyed our child free holiday there this much so we have booked to go again next year with the DS's coming too.

Finbar Sat 23-Jul-05 21:14:05

Mumsnet is truly fab!!! thanks jayzmummy et al - am printing your info off right now!

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