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Last minute cottage Dorset or Sussex

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Azure Wed 20-Jul-05 08:57:40

Does anyone know any websites where I might find a last minute cottage available in Dorset or Sussex? I've looked at various websites but had no joy so far. I know it's rubbish of me to leave it so late.

Bramshott Wed 20-Jul-05 09:23:59

These people do cottages in Dorset. We booked with them last year for one in Cornwall - we booked late, and it was very nice and pretty cheap. Good luck!!

ks Wed 20-Jul-05 09:30:20

Message withdrawn

Hulababy Wed 20-Jul-05 20:57:16

We have used Welcome Cottages for places in UK and France, and they have always been really good.

Eowyn Wed 20-Jul-05 21:01:06

we just booked with to go next week, they only had a couple left tho.

Kittypickle Wed 20-Jul-05 21:03:14

We did a last minute one with Dream Cottages last August which was pretty good, a bit basic but in a gorgeous setting. I second Helpful Holidays (we're off to Devon shortly through them) but don't think they have very much in Dorset.

Azure Thu 21-Jul-05 08:30:03

Many thanks for all your suggestions.

sarahhal Thu 21-Jul-05 17:48:48

We have just booked this week for August with the company Bramshott suggests and they had quite a few still available.

sinclair Fri 22-Jul-05 14:21:15

We left it very late one year and found one with Dorset Coastal Cottages as someone mentioned. but ring up - we got one that was coming onto the books later that month but not yet up on the web - we booked it sight unseen - it was fantastic. English Country Cottages is huge and will have availability if you can be more flexible on the location. good luck!

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