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Puglia - anyone been?

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spacedonkey Mon 18-Jul-05 14:01:55

Any recommendations (for accommodation, places to go, places to eat), tips or advice on staying in Puglia? Does Puglia have any tacky resorts that should be avoided?

popmum Mon 18-Jul-05 14:50:34

We went last year - have to say it was quite boring! Sorry if you have booked already. Really is not much to do - lovely beaches, all private (therefore you pay to go on), real issue was that the towns all close from 12-5 so things can seem very shut up. Depends what you want from a hol i guess....but we'd have prefered slightly busier places to go
We stayed near fastano and went to all the 'main' towns - are very pretty, but as I say just very quiet. Food is lovely - just eat in local places - we stayed in a farm place and they had a rest. there which was lovely. Obv. they love kids.
When/ where are you going?

jayzmummy Wed 20-Jul-05 01:13:50

Puglia is where my family originate from.....its very quiet, beautiful and restful....but very boring if you are looking for more than a quite holiday.

The Il'Vallentino complex is cr@p...we stayed there last year and ended up getting 50% of our holiday cost back from the holiday company after we complained!!!!

Taranto is a lovely town to visit...but as popmum says is closed from 12-5 each day....mondays all day!!!

Ellbell Wed 20-Jul-05 19:55:32

Haven't been in Puglia for donkey's years, but Gallipoli is beautiful iirc. The Tremiti islands may be accessible, depending on whereabouts you are (boats go from Termoli) and are absolutely stunning.

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