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Shopping in France

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Ameriscot2005 Mon 18-Jul-05 11:59:39

We are off to France this summer . I was wondering what are the good shopping deals? We know about the booze, but what other things to mumsnetters get in France?

Nightynight Mon 18-Jul-05 13:03:22

Foood! of all sorts.
not clothes, they are too expensive.
a house would be good value

some diy stuff is cheaper than in the UK, but some is more expensive, so if you need anything, best to note the UK price first and compare.

popmum Mon 18-Jul-05 13:07:21

olive oil

milward Mon 18-Jul-05 13:11:56

Just enjoy all the lovely fresh fruit & going to the bakery

OldieMum Mon 18-Jul-05 13:17:40

I buy children's clothes there, as they are much more imaginative than many children's clothes in Britain. We found a lovely red duffle coat for DD last year, though she was mystified to be trying it on in August... Every couple of years, we buy a big, lidded saute pan. These are a kind of cross between a frying pan and a saucepan and are great for cooking any kind of sauce, soup etc. We use them more than any other kitchen equipment and I've never seen them in Britain. You can find them in any large French supermarket.

Ellbell Mon 18-Jul-05 13:51:22

I buy kids' clothes in France too, Oldiemum. Trendy high street shops are quite expensive, but you can get good bargains for 'everyday' clothes in the big supermarkets.

We also stock up on Pineau de Charentes, which is hard to find in this country.

Again, in the supermarket some kids' equipment is good value. We bought a small lightweight pushchair one year and it seemed cheaper than over here.

Ameriscot2005 Mon 18-Jul-05 19:03:55

We'll do the food , but I was thinking of more long term items.

I've heard that Le Creuset clones (found in any hypermarket are good value) - would need to invent a need if it's to get past DH. A nice casserole dish is something that we could probably put to good use.

I've heard that white porcelain dinnerware is good value. You basically just buy stock items of a classic design and add to your collection as necessary - much more practical than having patterned china.

happymerryberries Mon 18-Jul-05 19:20:12

They do wonderful fruit cordials, that you can drink or use to make sorbet etc Coffee, the real stuff.

I have read that washing powders etc are much cheaper... not checked them myself.

Preserving jars are very cheap.

Childrens clothes, and also things for the beach.

ggglimpopo Mon 18-Jul-05 19:27:37

Message withdrawn

pupuce Mon 18-Jul-05 19:51:31

Tefal pans, I bought a set of 3 (different sizes) for 22 euros, they are fab!

Enid Mon 18-Jul-05 19:54:34

Aigle wellies
playmobil I am sure is cheaper

Enid Mon 18-Jul-05 19:54:59

nice linen tablecloths

pupuce Mon 18-Jul-05 19:58:30

Shoes in shops like La Halle aux Chaussures, Besson,.. can be quite cheap especially slippers, (Aigle) wellies (10 Euros), running shoes,...

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