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handluggage?? what?? not??

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almostanangel Thu 14-Jul-05 09:33:13

ok what can you take in hand luggage? what can you not? what would you say deff take in there?

jessicaandbumpsmummy Thu 14-Jul-05 09:36:26

no scissors/tweezers etc in hand luggage.

Always pack a travel pack of baby wipes/refresher wipes - so handy for freshening up.


Not sure what else...... hmmmm......

almostanangel Thu 14-Jul-05 09:37:47

can i take my wedding dress in there? its not a big flouncy thing it will fold down small

Micku5 Thu 14-Jul-05 09:38:53

I know that no sharp objects, nail clippers, scissors, aerosols ie deodrant are allowed.

I personally always pack a spare change of clothes for myself and dd in case luggage goes missing. Went on holiday last year and dh luggage was lost... got it back a week after we arrived but he didn't have anything to change into! Maybe this time round he'll listen

Elf1981 Thu 14-Jul-05 09:40:08

Passport and all important documents.
Something to distract any children you're travelling with - depends on their age, but maybe a travel game / pack of cards.
Mobile phone (if taking) but must be switched off.
Same for mp3 player / CD player etc.

Do not put in anything sharp - no scissors / nail files / etc. Also, when I flew last year they were funny about lighters (!)
No aresols.

Hope this helps!

dillydally Thu 14-Jul-05 09:41:55

Spare pair of pants in acse big luggage goes missing
bottle of water
fake smile for when the little uns are causing grief

vickiyumyum Thu 14-Jul-05 09:52:27

i don't see why you can't take your wedding dress as hand luggage if it folds into a small enough bag, it would just reduce the amount of other stuff you cantake on a shand luggage.

why don't you ring the airline and ask if you can take it on as extra hand luggae in a dress carrier as other wise its going to be really creased when you get ther.

vickiyumyum Thu 14-Jul-05 09:52:54

Trust me, youre off to get married and i'm worrying about your ironing!!!

MeerkatsUnite Thu 14-Jul-05 10:33:10

Would certainly agree with no sharp objects like scissors (pack any such items as hold luggage).

Usually only one piece of hand luggage is allowed aboard an aircraft espcially if you are flying economy. You need to consider this also; your dress could get well creased up if it was carried as hand luggage. A dress carrier would be ideal to use but again you need to ensure it will be allowed to be stowed as hand luggage.

lou33 Thu 14-Jul-05 10:36:20

when i went to thailand in feb, i only had hand luggage!

lighters were ok, and i had tweezers in there as well, but scissors are a no no. The worst that will happen is that when your luggage goes through x ray, if they find anything not allowed they take it off you (happened with dh when we went altogether to thailand in nov)

anchovies Thu 14-Jul-05 10:36:27


Ring the airline about your dress and check you can take it on board. My sister recently got married abroad and took her dress as it was in a massive bag, they looked after it very carefully! Another poor woman on the flight had squashed hers into her handluggage and was very annoyed she hadn't checked!

bambi06 Thu 14-Jul-05 10:41:42

my friend had her dres looked after better than she was!!lol they hung it up in first class where it couldnt get damaged , put it in one of those covers that zip up and carry it on like that but do call them before hand to tell them

almostanangel Thu 14-Jul-05 11:45:20

vickiyumyum thank you for worring bout my ironing pmsl!! thanks to all ,,i have to go to travel agents on saturday to check ..make sure they have our visas etc so i will ask about carring the dress on then ,,maybe they will up me to first class to look after it

expatinscotland Thu 14-Jul-05 11:52:33

Some airlines also prohibit carrying matches or lighters in hand luggage.

If you or your family take any prescription medications, take those in your hand luggage in their own, marked bottles.

In the US, security routinely checks all electronic devices - mobiles, CD/MP3 players, etc. - and sometimes ask the passenger to switch on the device. Ditto laptops.

I always take gum or boiled sweets to suck or chew during take-off and landing as well.

A scarf, sarong or pasmina makes a good blanket, shawl or head covering. Can even be used as towel in emergencies.

Comfortable shoes that are NOT flip flops but can got out of off easily.

Sox so I can take off my shoes in flight.

A stretch band to exercise my feet and lower legs on longer flights to prevent DVT.

Water - a must!

Baby wipes

Extra clothes

Toothbrush and toothpaste

Light perfume or body scent in a spray bottle.

Vaseline - moisturiser, lip balm, hair smoother, eyebrow tamer

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