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weekend in wales - farm & beach? - near cardiff

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hoxtonchick Wed 13-Jul-05 21:22:58

we're aiming to go away for a long weekend at the end of july. we've been invited to a party in cardiff so want to be within striking distance. we have ds 3.5 & dd who'll be a month old. we'd like to be near a nice sandy beach, & staying on a farm would be perfect. i have promised dp that mumsnet will have the perfect solution for us.... so help please.

sallystrawberry Wed 13-Jul-05 22:34:41

Message withdrawn at poster's request.

gossifer Wed 13-Jul-05 22:40:08

how far is striking distance?
there are no beaches in cardiff - its a new bay development with lots of restaurant and cafes
the gower further along the coast is beautiful but quite a drive
will see what i can find out about farms for you

sallystrawberry Wed 13-Jul-05 22:41:18

Message withdrawn at poster's request.

hoxtonchick Thu 14-Jul-05 13:38:18

thank you. the party is in penarth. i've looked at a map now, & think the gower peninsula would be a good solution. we'll stay there for a couple of nights & then go to the party on the way home. any family friendly reccommendations there? i've found a few on the web, waiting for them to call me back.

Mosschops30 Thu 14-Jul-05 13:43:26

Message withdrawn

hoxtonchick Thu 14-Jul-05 13:49:16

Ogmore-by-Sea looks lovely, but i can't find any accommodation there....

Mosschops30 Thu 14-Jul-05 14:15:26

Message withdrawn

tatt Thu 14-Jul-05 14:31:44

barry island has a beach, don't know about farms

tatt Thu 14-Jul-05 14:35:15

might be useful

tatt Thu 14-Jul-05 14:36:25

taken from that website

Greenforge Way, Cwmbran, NP44 5AJ.
Tel: 01633 862202. Fax: 01633 489332.
Admission times; All year summer: Daily 10.00 to 18.00. Winter: Daily 10.00 to 16.30. Tariff: Adult: £4.00, Child: £3.00. Closed 25 Dec. Last admission 1 hour before closing.

Just four miles from the M4, this is one of Wales' leading farm attractions - milking demonstrations, tractor and trailer rides, dragon adventure play area, farm trail and lots more.

Phone for details of lambing weekends, shearing, county fair and agricultural shows. Halloween and Christmas events

zubb Thu 14-Jul-05 15:01:58

this one
or try

sallystrawberry Thu 14-Jul-05 15:03:43

Message withdrawn at poster's request.

hoxtonchick Thu 14-Jul-05 19:21:20

yes, i saw, ss, thanks for that. i think we want to be somewhere a bit more rural though. loads of great suggestions here. i've found this which looks a bit hippy but nice all the same....

tatt Fri 15-Jul-05 07:02:35

if you want rural rather than beach maybe the brecon beacons? Or you could not go as far as Cardiff but look at places like usk. The wye valley is really beautiful but its further to the beach

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