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Baby car seats in France

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Cecilia Thu 19-Jun-03 11:40:25

Thanks to Mumsnet, myself and my family are off to Brittany next week with Canvas holidays. In the holiday travel tips, it mentions that children under 10 are not allowed to travel in the front of the car in France. I have a rear facing baby seat that only fits in the front. There is no air bag on the passenger side. I assume that this is ok and that the regulation applies to children not restrained in car seats. Could anyone confirm this for me?

monkey Thu 19-Jun-03 12:10:49


Front Compulsory
Rear Compulsory if fitted.
Children Under 10 years must be in the rear using an approved seat or harness.
Babies Up to nine months can be in an approved rear facing seat in the front.

Visit for more information on safe travel with children.

hope this is up to date & helps - foubd it doing google search - France car seat regulations

Enjoy your holiday - lucky you!

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