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Child-friendly holidays in Cornwall/Devon

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BTM Wed 13-Jul-05 19:04:39

Has anyone been to Sands Resort, a child-friendly hotel in Porth (Cornwall)?
Is it any good? It seems quite expensive, but better value than others I have looked at.
Any comments would be of some help!
Thanks BTM

Ameriscot2005 Wed 13-Jul-05 19:23:44

I've visited it for a few hours when we were guests at their sister hotel, Bedruthan Steps. They had a nice pool area for younger kids, but anyone I spoke to that had stayed in both hotels preferred Bedruthan Steps.

annh Wed 13-Jul-05 20:16:36

We have stayed in both but did Bedruthan Steps about 6 yrs ago with only one ds and Sands last Oct half-term with both ds's. They absolutely loved it and we are probably going back again this year. Yes, I think Bedruthan was overall slightly more luxurious and the food was probably slightly better but that was a while ago so everything might have changed by now. However, our room at Sands was much better. We paid extra (I think about 100 pounds for the week) to have a superior room which meant that the boys effectively had their own "room" separated from us by the bathroom. We also got extras like a playstation and an extra monitor in the boys room so they could watch DVDs in the morning if they woke up early.

Food at Sands was good, the dining arrangements were better than at Bedruthan where no children under 6?7? were allowed in the dining room in the evening whereas at Sands there was a family dining area if your children wanted to eat with you rather than have early tea. It didn't matter to us as our kids went to bed before we ate but was probably helpful for families with children who didn't want to settle.

I remember the pool area being better at Bedruthan and they had a nice steam room etc but it was a long way from reception whereas everything at Sands seems to be more contained - but without being claustrophobic. They both have good beauty salons.

Can't really think of anything else, overall we wouldn't pay the extra to go back to Bedruthan.

mckenzie Wed 13-Jul-05 20:31:42

hi BTM

we had a week at Sands at the beginning of July this year with our 4 year old DS and 4 month old DD. I thoroughly recommend it. The food was great, the staff were all lovely and helpful, DS absolutely loved his time in the Adventurers Club.
Yes it's not as glamorous as Bedruthan Steps (owned by the sister of the chap who owns Sands but run completely separately) but I felt that Bedruthan was a bit too big and impersonal whereas Sands felt very much more relaxed and friendly. (I should add that we've never stayed at Bedruthan, only visited to be nosy!)

And there are so many places close by to visit - I should be on commission huh?

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