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Please help me find a holiday, preferably in the IOW

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Blossomhill Mon 11-Jul-05 21:44:47

Need to book a holiday for in about 1 months time (13th Aug). Dh wants to go to the IOW, wheras I am not fussed.
What I do want is somewhere childfriendly, possibly a cottage or a lodge, that kind of thing. Dh and the kids want a caravan but I'd rather not.
Any suggestions gratefully received

RTKangaMummy Mon 11-Jul-05 21:46:22

How many are there of you?

RTKangaMummy Mon 11-Jul-05 21:50:54

here is the main site for holidays

I know of cottages of different sizes on farms that can look out if you like

But are on farms so flys etc and in middle of countryside

We really liked them but there is not play parks etc.

Blossomhill Mon 11-Jul-05 21:51:42


RTKangaMummy Mon 11-Jul-05 22:00:12

Do you want a farm in the countryside or do you want entertainment etc?

Blossomhill Mon 11-Jul-05 22:06:22

RTKM - we want somewhere not too overcrowded really. As dd has sn and it's nice to be able to retreat a little but it's also nice to have the entertainment too.
God I am sounding terribly fussy, sorry

RTKangaMummy Mon 11-Jul-05 22:09:13

Right I see so maybe not a farm in the middle of nowhere then no entertainment there apart from animals and brilliant star displays at night {no light polution}

Blossomhill Mon 11-Jul-05 22:14:38

Very true RTKM

I would love to stay in a log cabin but doubt they have then in the IOW!

RTKangaMummy Mon 11-Jul-05 22:17:12

yes they do in bonchurch

Blossomhill Mon 11-Jul-05 22:19:46

Where's that ?

RTKangaMummy Mon 11-Jul-05 22:21:42

here is a holiday park but is shanklin

RTKangaMummy Mon 11-Jul-05 22:24:04

bonchurch is here

RTKangaMummy Mon 11-Jul-05 22:25:20

Bonchurch is near ventnor on the south of the island

Blossomhill Mon 11-Jul-05 22:35:18

RTKM - That is just what we are looking for and the prices are reasonable.

Just hoping and praying there will be availabiltiy. Although I doubt it now

Thank you so much for all of your help xxx

RTKangaMummy Mon 11-Jul-05 22:37:15

I have not stayed at either

Which one are you going for?

Shanklin or Bonchurch?

RTKangaMummy Mon 11-Jul-05 22:40:46

My dad was born in Shanklin and all his family comes from there

I love IOW

How old are children?

They will love it

Blossomhill Mon 11-Jul-05 22:48:41

Well would love to stay at Bonchurch or Shanklin. Although Bonchurch is cheaper.
Just crossing fingers we will get something as have left it so late.

My children are nearly 6 (in Aug ) and 7. We went to IOW last yr on a Sun weekend and there was so much to do that we could only fit a small bit in. MIL has offered to pay for a holiday hence last minute booking !!!!

Thanks again

RTKangaMummy Mon 11-Jul-05 22:51:21

deffo go to blackgang chine, robin hill {lot of walking though} can get joint ticket so can go for 4 days or 2 days cheaper

Pay for 2 days get 2 days free

RTKangaMummy Mon 11-Jul-05 22:52:45

You are welcome I love talking about IOW

go to carrisbrooke castle too

Orinoco Mon 11-Jul-05 23:02:29

Message withdrawn

RTKangaMummy Mon 11-Jul-05 23:04:53

Rain quite often misses IOW


RTKangaMummy Mon 11-Jul-05 23:08:38


Catch the train from shanklin and it will take you straight there

Then go all the way to ryde pier head cos train goes down the pier

Orinoco Mon 11-Jul-05 23:09:43

Message withdrawn

RTKangaMummy Mon 11-Jul-05 23:10:59

dinosaurs are here

RTKangaMummy Mon 11-Jul-05 23:11:57

Orinoco you're welcome

I love it there

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