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Good Hotel Recommendations Needed for Holiday Abroad with 1yr old and 7yr old!

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helpmeout Mon 11-Jul-05 12:23:15

We are thinking of taking a holiday abroad (anywhere in the med) with our 2 children in the summer hols (1 yr old and 7yr old). Do not really mind where, but do want a really child friendly hotel that will cater for both age groups. Would like a resort that can keep the 7yr old amused as well as the 1 yr old! Have been on quite a few Thomson's superfamilies with the older child in the past but have never taken both abroad before. We quite fancy an apartment or aparthotel so that it will give us a little more room. Not to worried about money as long as the hotel is nice. Does anyone have any suggestions/recommendations - would most appreciate it!

loujay Mon 11-Jul-05 12:35:22

My friend has just come back form a resort in portugal which was bungalows around a pool type of thing but which also had an on site creche which her 2 DS's loved!!
Also had a babysitting facility and a restaurant on site that deliverd so that she and her DP could have a meal in the evening that they didint have to cook.
Both her Ds's loved it they are age 5 and 14 months, I will ask her what its called if you want

loujay Mon 11-Jul-05 12:41:08

Me again, just emailed my friend and the place is called Mousses in Lefkas, one of the Greek Islands, they booked it with simply travel. I think you could google it though.
Hope this helps

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