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Ideas for a weekend with a 2 1/2 year old in Nottingham

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Theresa Fri 29-Jun-01 05:12:33

We'll be in Nottingham for the weekend at the end of July with our 2 1/2 year old daughter. Never been before so any tips/recommendations for child friendly activities/hotels/eating out etc would be greatly appreciated. Thanks

Suew Fri 29-Jun-01 14:50:17

Whereabouts in Nottingham, Theresa (north, south east west)? I lived in Long Eaton J25 M1 until December and my knowledge is limited mainly to the west (Long Eaton, Bramcote, Beeston) and the centre of town. I wouldn't be able to help if you're going to be over say West Bridgford way (south) or north.

Candy Fri 29-Jun-01 18:59:21

My girls absolutely love Nottingham castle; there's also a costume museum close by and various other free museums. I've never been to The Tales Of Robin Hood but have heard good reviews about it. On a fine day a walk by the river is lovely.
And if you're an indie music fan, you should spend twenty minutes in Selectadisc for 2nd hand records - bribe your daughter with the promise of an icecream in the lovely castle grounds!
When we last visited Nottingham we stayed in the Moathouse on Mansfield Road; very nice but a bit of a trek for the children. The Royal Moat House is more "upmarket" and therefore a little more expensive but far more central - it's right next to the theatre.
The Hockley area of town (above the Broadmarsh shopping centre) is good for alternative type shops and a few veggie places. Mushroom books used to be well worth a look but I'm not sure if it's still there. It had a good "PC" and multicultural children's section.
Have a brilliant time!

Cos Sun 01-Jul-01 20:27:53

For eating out Wok Wok is excellent for kids- very child friendly (it's very near M&S)Pizza express near the Market Square is also very nice for kids. Waterstones cafe is good for a coffee and Atlas Deli in Hockley has the best sandwiches in town. The Lace Market hotel is the nicest hotel and very central, if you're on a budget there is a holiday inn at castle marina (with macdonalds, pizza hut and sainsburs nearby)
Universirty park has a nice playground, ducks to feed and rowboats for hire its a lovely place for a walk with a toddler.

Theresa Tue 03-Jul-01 16:58:31

Well, who needs Tourist Information (although I have written to them as well!). A big thank you to you all for taking the trouble to reply, especially Suew (got your message from the other discussion, with directions like that, who could fail!). In answer to your question here, I don't know where we're staying yet but we're going to see 'Noddy' (Theatre Royal I think) and we'll also be going to the races, yes she's picked up her dad's bad habits already!
Thanks again Theresa

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