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Anyone been to Jersey?

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pippi123 Fri 08-Jul-05 18:08:58

We are taking DD (almost 6) in August. Just wondered if anyone had any recommended places for us to go. DD very excited - first time on plane! Thanks.

thedogmother Fri 08-Jul-05 18:16:19

Oh Pippi you're so lucky. It's several years since we've been, the children were much smaller. It's beautiful. The beach at St Oeuns is great, it's got sand for sand castles and rock pools and you'll love it. The castle at St Helier is worth a visit, you can either walk out to it at low tide or take the Puddleduck. There are a couple of other beaches that were exceptionally beautiful, although most of them are great. St Brelades is lovely. There are probably more things for you to do than there were when we went, but I'm sure you'll have a lovely time.

I'll get the photos out and try to remember some of the names of places we went to.

MeerkatsUnite Sat 09-Jul-05 11:48:30


Would suggest you read this from the BBC's website. Some visitors have been affected this summer:-

MIL returned from there at the end of June; whilst out there she contracted this virus.

pippi123 Sat 09-Jul-05 12:29:48

Just my luck!!

How long did it take your MIL to recover and which hotel did she stay at? Poor DD has chickenpox atm and has to miss a party and a barbeque - hope she doesn't catch this as well!!!

giraffeski Sat 09-Jul-05 12:30:51

Message withdrawn

giraffeski Sat 09-Jul-05 12:32:26

Message withdrawn

pippi123 Sat 09-Jul-05 13:07:32

Thanks Giraffski that looks like an interesting day.
DD also keen on rock pools so wil try that beach too dogmother.

tortoiseshell Sat 09-Jul-05 13:21:52

St Brelades bay for beaches, Fort Regent for swimming etc, Jersey potteries, Gorey castle, Elizabeth castle, zoo, Corbiere lighthouse

MeerkatsUnite Sat 09-Jul-05 16:58:22


They stayed in Corbiere, cannot recall the name of the hotel.

It took her about 5 days to get over this virus, when they returned home BIL contracted it as well.

LilMissy Sat 09-Jul-05 22:47:43

I'M FROM JERSEY!!!! What would you like to know?! How long are you over for and what dates? You might be over in time for the battle of flowers which is ace!

pippi123 Sun 10-Jul-05 17:06:24

hi lilmissy,

We are over betweeen 2nd and 9th of August and we are staying in Grouville. Just want to know nicest beaches, nice places to eat with 6 year old that type of thing. (Now of course I would like to know how many places have been affected by Norwalk virus after MeerkatsUnite's posts!)

Do a lot of people cycle on the island - I saw on web site some green routes that looked good for a slow cycle (it would be me that was slow notDD!) or are they really full of traffic?

LilMissy Sun 10-Jul-05 18:54:44

Hey! Unfortunately you miss the battle by days .
The best places to eat out with a six yr old are probably some of the pubs such as porlet and la fontaine which have jungle jim type places.

There is a lovely cycle track which runs along the coast from st helier to st aubin, following the bay which is nice as you can stop on the any of the beaches as you go.

Beach wise I'd recommend Harve Des Pas in St Helier as it has a concrete bathing pool that is filled by the tide which makes it quite safe to swim in.

Attraction wise I'd recommend the Zoo, but it is a bit pricey. In St Laurence there is the Jersey Heritage site Hamptonne which simulates Jersey life in the "old days" with calves to stroke, games and things to do and a goodwyfe in the main building talking about life at the time which children love (I did my work placement there at 16 and loved it )

The Norwalk virus has mainly affected local primary schools afaik and tbh I've not heard of visitors being affected.

Um I hope that helps! (with all the places i've listed there are buses from st helier which go regularly to those places)


makealist Sun 10-Jul-05 19:12:47

I'm also in Jersey. One of the best places at the moment over here is the "amazing maze" it's a massive corn field grown in the shape of a maze (they grow a new maze/shape each year) You can spend the whole day there, as there is plenty of other things to do and it's all included in the entrance fee. Take your dd's swimming gear as some of the other activites are water based. Green Island beach is a lovely family beach, lots of rock pools when the tide is down.St Brelades beach is also lovely (DS2 calls it the "holiday beach") Fort Regent no longer has swimming, but does have a massive "jungle gym." and the Aquaspalsh on the Waterfront has a pool with waterslides.
About the "Norwalk virus" my ds2 primary school did have it and had to close for 5 days. 6 children and a teacher had it in just his class, but he never got it. It really does seem pot luck.
Hope this all helps.

LilMissy Sun 10-Jul-05 19:29:01

It's nice to meet a fellow bean!! Which parish do you like in?

pippi123 Sun 10-Jul-05 20:13:37

Thanks for all those ideas and putting my mind at rest re virus.

I'm really looking forward to coming over - looks like we should have booked a fortnight!

LilMissy Sun 10-Jul-05 20:19:01

Are you staying in self catering or a hotel/b&b?

One thing you might find is general food is expensive (as in if you go to a supermarket.. eating out is fine)

makealist Sun 10-Jul-05 22:22:08

Hi lilmissy,

We live in St Clement. What parish are you?

LilMissy Mon 11-Jul-05 19:50:04

Good ole St Saviour but not for much longer BOurnemouth here I come (I hope!!)

makealist Wed 10-Aug-05 09:46:27

Hiya pippi,

welcome back, you're probably still unpacking and sorting yourself out, but did you all enjoy yourselves in Jersey? or did you find it all to expensive? Let us all know how your holiday went.

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