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URGENT Francophones/Francophiles SVP

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BearintheBigBlueHous Thu 12-Jun-03 10:03:48

We're off to France tomorrow and it's just struck me that my dad used to stick black plastic headlight deflector thingies on his headlights and paint them yellow before every trip - do people still do this? I can't remember seeing any cars like this recently. Do I need to, is it compulsory? Please let me know. Merci beaucoup.

Frieda Thu 12-Jun-03 10:34:43

We've just come back from France, and I have to say, I didn't notice any. You could try ringing the RAC 08705 722 722 if you're planning on doing a lot of night driving.
(Sorry, that probably didn't help much, but have a great time, anyway – where are you going?)

lou33 Thu 12-Jun-03 10:37:05

According to this site it is a legal requirement to convert them. Look under general advice. Maybe a trip to Halfords will help?

princesspeahead Thu 12-Jun-03 10:40:34

you do need to deflect, but you don't need to paint them yellow. can get little plastic film deflectors to stick on the lights, but before you run out to halfords check your car manual first. quite a lot of cars nowadays have a groovy lever inside the bonnet that deflects the lights automatically, then you just flick it back when you are back in the UK. ours does I know (bmw) and I think many VWs do as well...

lou33 Thu 12-Jun-03 10:40:49

Also just found this:

Throughout mainland Europe you are legally obliged to:
1. display a nationality plate or sticker on the rear of your vehicle
2. carry a warning triangle for use if your car breaks down or you are involved in an accident
3. avoid dazzling oncoming traffic at night by fitting headlight beam converters

It's also very prudent to carry:
1. a first aid kit
2. spare light bulbs
3. a fire extinguisher

Frieda Thu 12-Jun-03 10:45:25

...& apparently in France you must have your driving licence with you at all times when drving, and children under 12 (I think, though it could be 10) must travel in the back.

BearintheBigBlueHous Thu 12-Jun-03 11:05:21

Ta everyone, we're not planning to any night driving, but who knows what might happen when travelling with dd. Will try to get deflectors/check car's ability to do it itself today. We're off to the Dordogne, just S of Perigueux. A bientot

Marina Thu 12-Jun-03 13:18:47

You can buy them at the Chunnel terminal and most ferry ports. Dh insists on putting them on even for daytrips because he says it only takes one bored traffic cop to really spoil your day.
Bon Voyage!

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