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Skiing in January

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Harrysmum Wed 27-Jun-01 11:23:33

We are thinking of going on a 10-14 day ski-ing holiday after the Christmas/New Year hols. We would prefer North America or Canada (pref east coast to cut down travelling) with childcare facilities. The idea is that we have 6/7 days ski-ing with 15 month old in daycare and 5/6 days doing other things eg some sightseeing, sledging, playing in the snow, shopping with him. All advice, tips recommendations gratefully received. I've already checked out the mumsnet ski hol section. Thanks!

Bugsy Thu 28-Jun-01 10:38:57

Hi Harrysmum
Can't give you a north American option but could highly recommend Breckenridge, Vail or Keystone in Colorado. You can get direct flights to Denver now (10hours) and the resorts are absolutely fantastic. I was pregnant when we went and the friends we went with took a nine month old baby and they were very impressed with the creche facilities.
It is a while ago that we went now, but I think we went with Ski Independent. We were very impressed with the quality of the chalet, the food, the rep etc etc.

Harrysmum Thu 28-Jun-01 11:14:18

Thanks. How did the baby cope with the long flight? Hopefully we can get a flight out of Edinburgh or Glasgow (we live in NE Scotland which always adds to travelling time). Colorado does sound tempting ...

Bugsy Thu 28-Jun-01 11:26:14

Their baby was fine but having re-read your original message, I'm not so sure the flight would be such a laugh with a 15 month old. Personally, I wouldn't do it but ours is a wriggly little chap and I find short hauls quite taxing.
Why not ski in Europe? We have had two great ski-ing holidays in La Plagne since our son was born. One when he was 5 months old and one at 14 months and we are already looking into options for next year.

Paula1 Thu 28-Jun-01 12:15:39

Harrysmum, I've done the Breckenridge/Vail thing for about the last 8 years, it is absolutely brilliant, especially since the direct BA flight from Gatwick. It is however the ONLY direct flight to Denver, so you may be unlucky. We haven't taken our son before - next season will be his first, we did check out the childcare and it looked good. has the info, there is also a child care place called Kinderhut if you search on google you'll find the site. It is however SERIOUSLY cold in January, I got frostbite on my nose one time.

Theresa Fri 29-Jun-01 05:15:53

Can't offer any advice as such as I've never been ski-ing but check out a website called I've just discovered it and it looks pretty good

Alibubbles Fri 29-Jun-01 09:15:25

We have skied twice a year in Canada with our two for the last 6 years. We go to Whistler and the child care facilities are first class. We have also been to Tremblant( couple of hours from Montreal) but it would be too cold for a young child, we went at Xmas last year and the top of the mountain was -50C!!Every morning when we stepped out of the door it as -10C. It was painfully cold. We had never skied in Europe until two years ago( we love Canada so much) and had heard awful things about Europe, lift queues etc, but we went to Morzine for Xamas, we are going for the third time this Xmas, it is brilliant, no queues, lovely little restaurants in the mountains, good snow, lots of choice. Try a company called Alpine Tracks,it is a small upmarket, but not in price, company,phone number is 0800 0282546, say the Cobb's recommended him. They have a new chalet/ hotel this year, with 16 rooms, but it is not Chalet party style, they have a restaurant and a Raymond Blanc trained chef. The food is excellent, so is the service, and I believe this year they have a facility for young children. Duncan Gilroy th MD is great, free ski guiding which is great fun, at all levels, they have own ski shop and latest equipment if you need to hire. Good luck!

Jac Tue 17-Jul-01 15:08:47

Can anyone recommend a company that does family ski holidays to France. We've been to The 3 valleys three times with three different companies. Each time obviously with different ages of children. Last year we went with Mark Warner but they are very expensive especially as you have to pay almost adult prices for 2 year olds plus! Trouble is we love Courchevel/Meribel and are nervous to go anywhere else. Crystal do nanny service for 6 months to 4 year olds and a club for 4 to 10 year olds. But the club for older children is in selected areas we haven't been.

Anyone been to Les 2 Alpes, Flaine, Tignes, La Plagne or Alpe dhuez??

Also I hope I'm not too late to book as it's for half term next February!

Advice/experiences gratefully (sp?) received.

Bugsy Tue 17-Jul-01 15:52:54

Goodness Jac, get booking. We are in the process at the moment and the childcare is already tight!. Try Ski Famile, Meriski, Silver Ski, Ski Esprit. I think First Choice do some ski-ing holidays with childcare options too.
Good luck.

Paula1 Wed 18-Jul-01 11:18:39

What about Mark Warner - never been skiing with them but just done a summer hol and they were absolutely brilliant

Jac Wed 18-Jul-01 12:22:42

Thanks Bugsy and Paula1. I went with Mark Warner last year but next year will be more expensive as my youngest is now 2. I just can't justify spending £3000 plus for a week skiing!

I'm still looking and have requested loads of brochures.

Crunchie Thu 16-Aug-01 21:25:41


Just seen this message and I thought I'd reply since I've skied most of the areas you were asking about. Tignes and Val D'Isere is fantastic ski-ing, in someways better than 3 valleys. Last year we went to Vaujany, just above Alpe d'Huez and can recommend it particularly the childcare. Try Ski Peak, a company who specialise there. The childcarein the local creche is just £65 per week and Ski Peak put their own nannies in the creche which is purpose built. Fab ski-ing too.

Janz Fri 17-Aug-01 08:28:42

We've always found Ski Cuisine fantastic, with a variety of chalets in Meribel. They're not the cheapest though - although if you can get a whole chalet and pay early, it brings the cost down. 2 year olds get a 30% reduction. The nanny service has gone up this year and I think is now £200. The other disadvantage is that you have to arrange your own travel. (We've driven before but this time are thinking of flying to Paris on Ryanair and then catching the TGV to Moutiers).

I've just checked their web site and Chalet Veronica is still free for half term - it's a great chalet right on the piste just below Rond Point.

For your older kid(s), if you're in Meribel, how about the Magic in Motion Fun Factory - that would keep them occupied most the time and give you some time to ski with them (4 afternoons) as well as a couple of complete days to yourselves while they're away having adventures. Alternatively, the nanny for the 2 year old could pick them up after the morning lessons.


Wheaters Mon 20-Aug-01 09:34:22

Has anyone skied before in La Thuile, Italy with children? And has anybody had first hand experience of the Italian creche in that resort? We are going in January and would be interested to hear your experiences...

Jac Mon 20-Aug-01 12:50:02

Thanks Crunchie and Janz, glad you recommend Val D'Isere Crunchie as that's where we are going! We are going through First choice, much cheaper than a lot of others. Will keep in mind your other suggestions for the year after next.

Emmagee Mon 20-Aug-01 19:33:57

Wheaters - not skied there with kids but have skied there...did notice lots of childcare stuff and I would imagine it would be an excellent place to go with kids as the Italians dote on them. The ski-ing I do know more about however and it is great!

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