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hotel south/south west (an hour from London)

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beetroot Mon 04-Jul-05 21:22:12

Message withdrawn

beetroot Mon 04-Jul-05 21:27:15

Message withdrawn

beetroot Mon 04-Jul-05 21:32:01

Message withdrawn

Tortington Mon 04-Jul-05 22:40:28

hope this serves as a bump for you

beetroot Tue 05-Jul-05 09:01:07

Message withdrawn

WideWebWitch Tue 05-Jul-05 09:16:51

Can't think of anywhere cheap although I think this looks nice, The white hart at calne it's a bit more than an hour but not a lot and it's cheap and looks stylish.

WideWebWitch Tue 05-Jul-05 09:18:24

or you could look on laterooms, v discounted if you can wait until the last minute ish

foxinsocks Tue 05-Jul-05 09:22:24

how much do you want to spend

foxinsocks Tue 05-Jul-05 09:36:38

I always think the aa search engine for hotels is very good

Here it is aa hotel search . You can specify you want a pool and for it to be child friendly once you've put the location in.

Otherwise, there is a very nice hotel in Richmond (on Richmond hill - I know it's still in London but it's a lovely location, right by the park and it has a heated pool). Otherwise, there's somewhere called the Manor in Guildford which is not too bad either.

beetroot Tue 05-Jul-05 10:07:03

Message withdrawn

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