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EuroDisney in one day?

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albert Mon 04-Jul-05 12:03:53

I have just been given free tickets to go to EuroDisney by a friend as we are off to Paris on Saturday for a little holiday whilst DH is working there (in Paris, not EuroDisney). My question - is it 'do able' in 1 day, just me and DS (5yo). I think we will only do the park and not the studio and I have heard that the Peter Pan ride is good. Having read the other threads I am prepared for horrendous queues and fighting to see the characters. Any tips?

LIZS Mon 04-Jul-05 12:14:09

Yes, you can do quite a large proportion of it in a day. Your ds may not make the height restriction for the big rides though (ie Space Mountain and Indiana Jones). Get there when gates open, there are usually characters hanging aroudn the entrance square and Main Street, and head for one of the more popular rides then use Fastpass to prebook a time slot to ride any with queues or for a repeat later on. We found the area right at the back of the park (Fantasyland) with Its a Small World and Dumbo reasonably quiet with short queues first thing. Ours loved Peter Pan but think it is overrated.

Skribble Tue 05-Jul-05 20:44:37

Make sure you check height restrictions to save you queuing for something you can't get on. Relax and go at your pace and accept that you may miss a few rides,

You can go into the studios after a certain time on the one day pass, but you may find more than enough in the one park and save that for a return visit.

Eat early or late to avoid queues at eating places or get something to eat while queuing. Go on the more popular rides during peak lunch hours or in the evening when everyone is getting ready for the parade. Virtually no queues sometimes near to closing time as everyone heads home.

Hulababy Tue 05-Jul-05 22:29:22

Just got back yesterday!

Are you planning on just doing things for the little ones, not yourself?

Get a map on your way into the park.

The Shows:

Parade - 4pm. If weather is hot (was very hot at times last week) or if busy (weekend so likely) get your position - i.e. sit ont he kerb on the route - at least 30 minutes beforehand. It is a princess parade mainly with Pluto etc at the vert start. Starts at far side of Fantasy land, goes up infront of castle and finished down end of main street. Lasts about 20 minutes or so. It is worth watching though so plan around this.

Tarzan - located in Frontierland. Trapeze/trampoline type show. Excellent and well worth going. Doesn't get over full but worth getting to about 15 minutes before hand if you fancy it. Get DS to sit on end of a row, near to front. When the monkey/gorilla comes on and sings - just after that they get children up to play the instruments. Show times are 1pm, 3:15pm and 4:45pm

Lion King - at Videopolis, Discoverylabd. Highlights of the actual stage show by looks of it. Can get busy so best to reseve your tickets in advance, available from Videopolis in Discoverland from 11am. Show times, for English show, are 12 noon, 2pm and 4:30pm.

Now for the rides.

How tall (in cm) is your DS? You need to know this for the height restrictions.

I have just found my map, so I can go through it for you if you like:

Town Square

This is where you arrive on entry. It is where the parade finishes and where you can meet the characters at various times.

Main Street

Not much here in terms of rides, although you can catch the train that circles the park and the main street cars if you like. Mainly shops and cafes. Leads to the castle in the centreof the park.

Going round clockwise from Central Plaza, top of Main Street into the 4 lands. Main things in each:


Obitron - simple ride that has space rockets that go round and up in air. Very similar to Dumbo. Not many people can ride at one time, so has long wait times in queues a lot of time. We didn't bother with it.

* Space mountain Mission 2 - the new rollercoaster. Restriction - 1.32m min height. Pretty good. Has a fast pass system. Definitely use fast pass for this ride!

* Star Tours - based on Star Wars. Restriction is 3 years. Simulator ride. Quite bumby, etc but good fun.

* Honey I shrunk the kids - 4D show. Every 20 minutes. We didn't do this but presumably it is same as the one in Florida. Worth watching so long as DS isn't too jumpy/nervous.

* Autopia - cars. Children get to drive along the track. Depending on child's height you will need to press pedal 9inn centre of car) for him - not a problem though. The children seem to love this. Queses were about 15 minutes or so, sometimes longer but not awful.


This is behind the castle and pretty much everything is fine for all ages/heights here.

* Small World - so sweet! Little boat ride, song plays throughout, things to see. Lovely.

* Carousel

* Dumbo - flying elephants. Long queues!

* Teacups - queues can look long but wait time isn't bad as ride fiyts lots on each go. Spin round and round till you feel dizzy or sick!

* Snow white - this is a bit scary, especially the witch! Follows story of snow white, sit in little cars which go round it.

* Pinnochio - follows the story

* Peter Pan - has fast pass although we didn't need to use it. Longest queue we had was about 18 minutes here I thing. You fly in a boat round the story of peter pan. Quite dark at start, and a bit jerky in p;laces. popular ride though, esp with children.

* Storybook boat ride - (open 11am - 6pm) - very simple boat ride with little models of various storybook towns to look at.

* Circus train (open 11am- 6pm) - nearest they get to a coaster for little ones. Simple train ride that goes up and down over hills and tilts round corners.

* Labyrinth - maze with castle in, and things to see


Indiana Jones coaster - min height 1.4m

* Pirates of Carrabean - boat ride with a couple of small drops. You don't get wet though. Quite dark inside, lots of moving pirate scenes to see and listen too.

* Adventure Isle/Family Roconson's tree house - places to explore - caves, wobbly bridges, etc.


Big Thunder Mountain - min height 1.02m

* Phantom Manor - ride round the haunted house. Not scary really though - DD (age 3) enjoyed it no problem

Each land has other things to see and explore too.

Is Ds wanted to character spot at all? The main meet and greets are:

MICKEY - outside casey's Corner. Proper queue and photo time. 10am-12:30

GOOFY - Town Square near storybook shop. Proper queue and photo time. 10am-12:30

WINNIE THE POOH - Royal castle Stage. Proper queue and photo time. 10am-12:30

There are other times too for other characters:

*Central plaza - 10am, 11am, 12 noon, 7pm
* Frontierland - 10am, 11am
* Carousel in fantasy land - 10am, 11am
* Adventureland - 10am, 11am
* Discoveryland - 10am-6pm Proper queue and photo time. Was Stitch last week. Outside Space Mountain, near fast Pass machines.

Also at about 10am and 7pm in Town Square.

The general appearance ones (not proper queue ones) can get quite pushy. Some people just don't have any idea of patiences and queing. Have to say the Brits are far too polite when it comes to the characters and don't get in there, so we get pushed out if not careful. be wanrned!

BUT, DD was singled out on a number of occasions by several characters for waiting nicelyy and not pulling/pushing. More than a few times she was pointed out bu a character - piicked up or hand held and guided to quieter spot for a meet and greet and photo chance. So patience can be good. That's my main tip!

Have a great time

Skribble Thu 07-Jul-05 00:41:09

Ok Hulababy take a breath, its ok it will wear off after a while.

My tip for the parade is to watch it as it comes through the gates beside Small World then dash off and get on a few rides while the parade is still going on.

Hulababy Thu 07-Jul-05 21:30:54

LOL Skribble.

Was great timing for me to read the thread as it is was all so fresh in my head!

Being back at work for two days has knocked some real life sense back into me.

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