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Free child at howletts or port lympne any one want it?

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charliecat Wed 29-Jun-05 20:38:00


triplets Thu 30-Jun-05 09:15:38

Yes please but where is your message?

charliecat Fri 01-Jul-05 17:47:29

sorry didnt put me at and ill get them in the post

triplets Fri 01-Jul-05 19:37:10

Brilliant, thank you, e-mail sent.

charliecat Fri 01-Jul-05 19:39:58

in post tommorow

GeorginaA Fri 01-Jul-05 19:50:32

Is it just me who reread this about ten times then realised you weren't sending children in the post?

Lucycat Fri 01-Jul-05 19:52:00

me too GA!! wondered whether it was some sort of BOGOF offer

charliecat Sat 02-Jul-05 09:05:03

Well I could if you wanted

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