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Child friendly hotel within two hours drive of London

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Seagull Wed 04-Jun-03 22:02:45

Looking to take the children (6&9 ) to a great family hotel, next weekend. Do not want to drive more than two hours from London. Any suggestions greatly appreciated.

tamum Wed 04-Jun-03 22:46:54

Well, the usual really- Woolley Grange (Bradford on Avon), Calcot Manor (Tetbury), Ickworth (Sussex). There's quite a lot of information on here about them already. Have a good time!

meanmum Wed 04-Jun-03 22:47:11

Seagull - have you had a look at the top tips section on mumsnet. Maybe there is something here. I don't know the answer but hope you get some so I can use them too. I tend to only look on chat but did look once at recommendations for taking children on ski holidays and it was quite comprehensive so maybe there is something there for you. Sorry it's not much help.

Carriel Thu 05-Jun-03 11:58:47

Have a look at weekend breaks (find the best on left hand menu on home page) - for some suggestions.

A recent addition is Ickworth House in Suffolk. Expensive but v beautiful setting and nice service. The dower house apartments are well equipped and cheaper than the main house and you can make your own b/fast/lunch if you want to save a few pennies as food is pretty extortionate at the hotel (around £7- £8 for a kids meal, £45 plus each for adult dinner)

Seagull Thu 05-Jun-03 19:58:08

Thank you Carriel, Meanmum and Tamum for your suggestions.
Anybody have any not so expensive, but v beautiful setting and nice service?

marbeth Thu 05-Jun-03 21:43:25

Hi Seagull

Have stayed in the devere swindon with 5ds.Found hotel excellant.LOvely swimming pool with childrens pool.Food in brasserie restaurant excellant.The restaurant has a childrens menu.We took ds to dinner with us,he really enjoyed it.There is no childrens club or babylistening.LOts to do in surrounding area as you are so near the cotswolds.Also tgi fridays next door to hotel as well as cinema and 10 pin bowling.

Mo2 Thu 05-Jun-03 21:56:20

I can't find Ickworth mentioned in the Best of section - nor on the web - seems to be a National trust place - what am I missing??

tamum Thu 05-Jun-03 21:58:45

It's part of Luxury Family Hotels, like Woolley Grange. There's more information at
It is a National Trust property, but they've bought a wing of it.

Seagull Thu 19-Jun-03 22:35:32

Thought I would report back to you all. We ended up at Ickworth House in Suffolk. As correctly mentioned it is a beautiful setting. We stayed in the dower house apartments which were great. We were very disappointed with the kids food. As a result of which discovered to good pubs just outside the grounds. Kids had a ball. The loved the bike and horse riding. Swimming pool was more like a roman steam bath. Disappointing changing facilities. The staff were overwhealmed at breakfast on the Sunday. They had run out of a number of dishes well before the end of breakfast.
Good news was that the weather was amazing and journey time under two hours. Thank you all for your input.

janinlondon Fri 20-Jun-03 10:01:18

Seagull - do they do the baby listening thing with the apartments?

Seagull Tue 24-Jun-03 00:06:24

The appartments are a five minute drive from the main hotel/restaurant. I would not recomend leaving kids, you would need a babysitter. Hotel will provide. Sorry for the delay in getting back to you.

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