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Tips for cheap holidays?

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Fran1 Thu 23-Jun-05 21:02:23

Anyone have any tips on where to go and how to get a cheap holiday?

We really don't have the money, but i desperately want to book me, dp and dd a holiday abroad this year. Quite happy to go with cheap and cheerful package holidays. Got some brochures today and if we go in September, we could get B&B for around £1000.

There are zillions of bargain travel agents online, but can anyone recommend one to trust?

Thinking of Algarve so if anyone has any recommendations also be grateful. I've stayed in Armacao (sp?) before, looking at Albufeira now.

Is it worth waiting and booking last minute? I'm always scared that i won't know where we're going till we get there and discover its a concrete hole.

Thanks in advance for any help!

Gem13 Thu 23-Jun-05 21:23:49

We book a 'villa' somewhere reasonably near a budget airport.

Last year we went to Pisa with Ryanair for less than £100 and our 2 bed Tuscan farm cottage was around £350 for a week. We hired a car reasonably cheapily too. Days out at the beach, in Florence, Lucca and Pisa with our 8 month old for just over £500.

The thought of sharing a room with our 2 is impossible so we will be doing self catering for a while!

Fran1 Thu 23-Jun-05 22:56:12

Thanks Gem. I was keener on hotels for the fact that there is more chance of meeting other people.

But i am finding you can get villas fairly cheaply and then as you say a cheap flight which cuts costs.

slug Fri 24-Jun-05 13:55:27

Wow, the only time we've spent that much was when we went to Australia.

1. Choose your destination. Eastern Europe is very cheap. Slovenia, Hungary and Croatia are all stunning places and have cheap hotels and food. Be adventurous, some of the best holidays I have ever been on have been to obscure destinations. No crowds, culture and surprises around every corner.

2. Choose your flights. Easyjet and Ruyanair are the obvious, but don't forget the trains. For example, neither airlines fly to Croatia, but you can get to Slovenia for £50 then Zagreb is a 2 hour train trip away.

3. Shop around for accommodation. Many youth hostels these days have family rooms. Check out accommodation websites such as Consider booking the first few nights then looking for alternatives afterwards. We stayed in a hotel on Lake Bled in Slovenia for 30 euros a night. We chose it because it was the nearest one to the bus station. If we wanted to save money, we could have had one for 20 euros a night, it just wouldn't have had a lake view. Look up guide books such as the Lonely Planet and Rough Guides. Most will list accommodation and many have webbsites or email addresses.

4. Eat locally. A picnic of bread, fruit and cheese from local markets cost a tiny amount and you can turn the holiday into a cheap culinary adventure. I've yet to find a place (apart from China) where you couldn't get chips in an emergency

Fran1 Fri 24-Jun-05 17:44:40

Hi thanks for that slug!

I did used to be adventurous when money wasn't a concern, have done a fair bit of travelling.

But with a 2.5yr old in tow, we just fancied a relax cheap holiday by a pool, the thought of hostels worries me? but maybe you are changing my mind.

I will look up the books and website you have recommended.

Definitely agree with eating locally, but it just seems a luxury to have breakfast served in the morning as soon as you roll out of bed.

I'll be of searching now!

THanks for the tips.

happymerryberries Fri 24-Jun-05 17:51:08

Dare I sugest Canvas holidays or keycamp?
Campsites on the continent are excellent, loads of facilities and the chance to meet a lot of people while still having the flexibilty of self catering. Doesn't have to be a tent, and the modern cravans have all mod cons!

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