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How to stop seat belts hanging dd while asleep

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SilverUK Wed 04-Jun-03 08:21:55

We have a long drive coming up, tall dd1 aged 2y9m is in a 5 point belt carseat than doesn't recline any more (dd2 has the other one and it's too small for dd1 anyway). She ends up hanging like a rag doll forward, laboured breathing, even though straps are tight on shoulders. I have a baby travel neck cushion, that just falls straight off. It drives me nuts. advice, products I could buy, anyone?

SoupDragon Wed 04-Jun-03 08:28:41

I've never solved this one! I *think* you can get cushions that velcro onto the straps but I can't remember where I've seen them. The bestI can hope for is when DS1 falls over to one side and rests his head either on the door or the centre arm rest (with a cushion on it).

judetheobscure Sun 08-Jun-03 21:24:53

We had those velcro on seat-belt pads (from Halfords) but they weren't much good. Also the gltc catalogue I think. We take pillows now.

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