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Anyone in/going/or know someone in America that could shop for me please ?

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bensmum3 Thu 23-Jun-05 08:03:46

HI, I would like to buy a radio flyer trike for my ds's birthday, but they are no longer able to be sold in this country, due to EU law.
I just wondered if anyone living in/visiting America would be able to pick one up and either post or bring it back with them ? I know this is a bit of a longshot, but MN is quite amazing.

bensmum3 Thu 23-Jun-05 18:51:58

Or, does anyone on here live outside the EU ? Can you tell I really like the look of this trike

MrsGordonRamsay Thu 23-Jun-05 18:54:12

Trikes here

MrsGordonRamsay Thu 23-Jun-05 18:55:42

And here

milge Thu 23-Jun-05 18:56:24


SoupDragon Thu 23-Jun-05 18:56:42

How much??? I'd expect it to pedal itself for that money

bensmum3 Thu 23-Jun-05 22:11:32

Thankyou, The one Iam looking for is a little cheaper than those, about £64, but apparently much cheaper in America, and if I could find someone outside the EU to have it delivered to from the UK , I'm sure the deal I'd get would be worth the postage.

lou33 Fri 24-Jun-05 00:03:45

you need to do a shout for sunchowder, she lives in the usa, and is v obliging

Ameriscot2005 Fri 24-Jun-05 06:59:54

I bought a RF trike, on the belief that there was something superior about the brand, and it was rubbish - kept falling apart and needed to be checked each time a child wanted to ride it. And the nice paint flaked off. Hideously heavy too.

MeerkatsUnite Fri 24-Jun-05 08:09:35

Something else for you to bear in mind:-

The routine the UK Post Office uses is to check if the item is free from Import Duty. They then take the total cost of the goods PLUS the shipping cost, convert this to sterling and add 17.5% VAT, PLUS a
handling charge. That is collected on delivery to you.

If there is an Import Duty liability, then the duty is also added in BEFORE the 17.5% VAT calculation. It can get quite expensive......

bensmum3 Fri 24-Jun-05 22:17:06

Ahh, looks like I might need to think a bit more about this one, Thankyou everyone.

limitedsdotcom Tue 05-Jul-05 21:35:42

Hi there... hopefully I can help you or at least point you in the right direction with any Radio Flyer trikes/wagons etc available in the UK.

We stock the whole range on our website, but have access to any available for the EU market. Some RF products have failed EU safety regulations (EN71) and therefore cannot be sold or imported to the UK - you could end up having it impounded or returned to the sender (poss at your expense) by customs and excise here which is a complete nightmare! It's happened to a previous customer of ours that wanted to replace a bike that was stolen with another that could only be purchased from the U.S.

Some products were discontinued this year that had manufacturing problems (see Ameriscot2005 below) - probably one of the ones that is no longer! Some items were trialled at other factories that they no longer use, and slipped through the net into the market here... thankfully, they have pulled things together since then!!

Let me know which model you are looking at and I'll find out the right info for you - we do have some trikes in stock that might suit. Elaine .... my email is elaine at (my nickname)

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