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Another Disneyland Paris Question

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Amanda1 Wed 22-Jun-05 21:02:29

Message withdrawn

Orinoco Wed 22-Jun-05 21:24:18

Message withdrawn

highlight Wed 22-Jun-05 21:46:54

There is a Tulip Inn two stops down on the metro that does a reasonable priced family room , we went at easter for three nights plus crossing and disney tickets for £530 I can't remeber the name of the town but will look it up

2kidsandahubby Wed 22-Jun-05 21:48:11

Hi my friend stayed in hotel Chanteloop,(think thats how its spelt) she said it was reasonably priced and nice, its about 5-10 min drive to DP. Hope this helps

lucykatie Wed 22-Jun-05 21:55:25

you have to go to the holiday inn at disney.....soooo cheap and sooooo kid friendly. theres a free bus every 10 mins to diney parks.

Amanda1 Wed 22-Jun-05 21:56:38

Message withdrawn

Titch1 Wed 22-Jun-05 22:05:51

We stayed at a comfort inn, about 50 euros a night for a room, about 10mins drive from Disney in a place called Lagney. Room basic but sufficient as spent all the time at disney and breakfast nice. If you eat at disney village, then King Ludwig's castle is nice food and do kids meal free for every adult meal. For me, dh dd and ds was 58 euros two courses. Planet hollywood about middle of the range and rainforest cafe and disney cafe most expensive. (about 100 euros for us ) Hope this helps.

Skribble Wed 22-Jun-05 23:42:55

There are a lot of hotels one and two train stops away from DLP. The station at DLP is right beside the entrance.

Have you priced the disney hotels they have different budget ones and depending when you go you can get good deals.

You could stay in Paris if you want to do a bit of sightseeing and maybe spend one day and evening in DLP. I you get a one day/park pass you can use it in the other park in the evening so choose one of the days they open later.

highlight Sat 25-Jun-05 08:34:23

Tulip Inn Bussy St Georges (search on google and you will find the link) excellent value and lots of family rooms. We actually booked it all through Thomas Cook who organised suttle crossing as well as tickets and B & B I couldn't do it cheaper myself.

Amanda1 Tue 28-Jun-05 09:32:52

Message withdrawn

carriemumsnet (MNHQ) Fri 29-Jul-05 12:58:52

Hi all

My cleaner is keen to take her two children to disneyland paris for the weekend but we've spent ages trying to find a cheap deal for them and failing.
She had thought about camping (they have their own tent) but they won't be driving.

Has anyone found a good website/deal recently?

Fimbo Fri 29-Jul-05 13:00:21

Carrie - Aimsmum is there at the moment, she got a good deal through Expedia.

Aimsmum Sat 30-Jul-05 18:58:38

Message withdrawn

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